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Tanki Online

Tanki Online Tanki Online is a awesome new multiplayer Flash 3D action game developed by alternative platform! Involve yourself as a player in furious battles, destroying enemy tanks, growing your team, improving your tank and skills, and make your military career successful! This game is spiced with a charm of Battle City from NES epoch, modern 3D-shooter dynamics as well as excitement of online games. Take vengeance on your foes, form teams, invent tricky tactical moves — all means are good in the war. Go through rumble of turret guns and groaning of tracks to become a truly experienced fighter. The game has got a thought-out rank system. The higher your rank is, the more powerful your tank gets. A player gets access to new Hulls, turrets and other tank upgrades with each new rank.Tanki Online already deserved such prestigious awards like The Best Game without Publisher and The Best Technology at KRI 2009 expo and Technical Achievement at Russian Flash Awards 2009. Features Free browser 3D game. You fight in fully 3D arenas with houses, walls, bridges and bushes. The gameplay is close to real physics so tanks can get stuck in deep pits, overturn or fall down from bridges. Only real players take part in battles. None of the tanks are controlled by AI. Various game modes. You can fight for yourself in Deathmatch, form teams in Team Deathmatch or fight for the Flag in the Capture the Flag mode. In 2012 we also introduced Сontrol Points mode. Military career from Recruit to Generalissimo. You get experience points for things like destroying enemies, healing allies, capturing flags and so on. The more points you get, the faster you grow in rank. Tank upgrades. With each new rank you unlock new hulls, turrets and paints. All of these can be bought in Garage using special game currency — crystals. You can gain them in a battle, buy them or get them as a gift for inviting your friends in the game. Intuitive controls. You need only four keys to drive the tank — W, A, S, D or the arrows keys. Press Space to shoot. Users play important role in the project’s development. You can make your own maps, create clans and offer any ideas to improve the game. The most active users will be rewarded!

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Tanki Online

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Embarking Tank Themed Shooter Experience With Tanki Online

Shooter type of games have been one of the genres that being brought into online gaming realm by developers and publishers as that style do attract plenty attention from game lovers. Among several shooting type titles, one that have been catching attention in recent time is Tanki Online, a 3D browser based outing that revolves around battles using tanks just like its title. Another interesting aspect from this title is the fact that it's being developed using Adobe Flash technology, which is rather uncommon method for MMO type of games.

Being developed since mid-2008 by AlternativePlatform, Tanki Online continue to improve and gain strong enthusiasts from gamer who are keen with this kind of genre. As a browser-based outing, playing this game doesn't require any complicated process as after starting things out and signing up, players can immediately taste tutorial setup which will provide introduction on how to play this outing, from ways in controlling things, battling and other necessary basic knowledge. Once getting into the real action, players are set to choose between four game modes, Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, Capture the Flag and also Control Points.

After choosing one of those battles options, players can start their shooting adventure and depending on what they already picked, there's obviously different feels along with difficulties. For those who had experience in any shooter games, Tanki Online is basically pretty similar as gamer are acting as sort of hunters with a goal they required to achieve in deciding the winner or losers from that battle. Gamer actually being given the freedom to enter that match arena at any given moment, though arriving late would results in having lower score and earning fewer rewards.

Being set in certain amount of time, this game just as any other shooter titles, this outing from AlternativePlatform also features what usually being called as frags, in which gamer an re-spawned within few minutes after getting destroyed in the battle. Moreover, in team battle, you obviously can't gun down your teammates unless the friendly fire option being enabled, but still what's the point in playing as a team if you're going to shoot down your own teammates. Basically this game's game play is what players can acquire from other renowned shooting games, such as Doom or Counter Strike, the main difference would be the fact gamer will be using tanks as their only mean of battle.

Making things more interesting, players can definitely upgraded their tanks after every battle that they concluded and simply changing things around such as its hull, weapon along with unlocking paint, which is important to reduce damages from opponent's attacks. Gamer can tune their tank in the 'garage' where they can purchase bonuses along with upgrades with that crystals, which is basically Tanki Online's currency. Players that can comfortably improved their gear are basically those who constantly earned high ranks in each of the battles they join, since getting better position also means more crystals being earned.

Shifting things into game control, this game set things up using keyboards with arrows or basic WASD keys being used to move your tanks and space bar for shooting/fire button. Unfortunately, for those who usually uses mouse as pointers, they might need a bit of adaptation in controlling things or aiming your targets as it mostly using keys for all of the things. There's nothing much to concern about though, since there's no complicated things that being required when controlling the tanks, though it's not that easy in moving it around, well since it is a heavy weaponry vehicle.

Speaking about its' graphic, Tanki Onlike is being crafted in 3D fashion, with a pretty decent designs for its surroundings, maps and the tanks itself. However, being a browser-based game which 'only' uses Flash technology, it's obviously difficult to expect anything spectacular from it as what is being offered can already be considered reasonable enough. Still, there's obviously room for improvement since at times there's that common lagging which can really be annoying, especially when you are in a battle mode against other players.

The game do have a pretty solid community, which definitely helps a lot as it won't be hard in forming a team battle and acquire many needed information for all new comers. There's even a sort of clans, which can be found of Tanki Online's official forum and also accessible once players already reached certain ranks in the game. This feature provide space for gamer in interacting, organizing and setting things to set up battles with fellow clan members.

Having several interesting features along with strong PvP element obviously created an addictive factor for this game, especially it's competitive vibe that always attracted interest for many gamer, especially those who are keen on this kind of genre. Although it still have some technical flaws, but that strong appeal simply makes it hard not to keep trying and improving your tanks. Overall, Tanki Online is an interesting MMO shooter game, which deserved a try for any gamer who like to experience that heavy gears war, which they might only seen in movies.

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