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Anno Online

Anno Online Enjoying Fun City-Building Experience with Anno Online. Online gaming industry has been attracting many developers from various genres in creating something that gamer are keen on playing and one of the latest title that already have its' own devotees, the Anno series, is now being set as a free to play browser based outing by renowned company, Ubisoft. This RTS game is not something unknown for those who love this kind of genre, so by making it available as on online venture, Unisoft seemed keen on attracting a much wider fan base for their work.

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Anno Online

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Anno Online Game Review Continues…

For those who might not be familiar with Anno series, the outing is basically city-building RTS types which just like other games with similar genre will be taking players into that simulation world where you become the master of your own land and try to build things and try to expand your territory. Obviously the current online setup from Ubisoft is being crafted as free to play browser-based game which is pretty light and easy to access, so die hard gamer won't have to create any large memory storage if they are keen on trying it out.

Starting things out at Anno Online, gamer will be creating characters customization as your avatar while playing, but since it's not an RPG nor adventure type of outing, there isn't any complicated type of arranging as it's just an ordinary setup which basically makes you pretty similar with others. However, that's not something to worry about as this game is merely focusing on your ability in developing things and creating powerful cities, so there's no need to think about customizing you character's looks nor skills setup.

Just as it was already mentioned previously, the game play for this title is basically similar to that city-building venture, though there are unique stuffs being implemented on it, such as the fact that players are being given an island to work with. Starting by finishing simply tutorial tasks, until you finally got that access in building things and from that moment on the game basically gets fun as in Anno Online, gamer must be able to balance their production with happiness of the citizen. This setup basically forced you to always try to figure things out before deciding anything, such as placing a new building, fish hut or other stuffs as you must be sure that it suits the people's wish.

Moreover, the building setup is also an important factor in Anno Online as placing things not in the right way can block any progress that your city can achieve. That's why analyzing areas, situation and citizen's request might take quite a while since those small mistakes at the beginning could led into inaccessible sectors or areas which basically ruin everything you set up at first. Aside from building your own sources, in this game, you can also do some trading stuffs within your town, other cities or even with other players.

Another interesting that this outing offers is the opportunity in expanding things after you maybe rather bored with building and improving your city, by providing features such as treasure hunter which will give you the chance in acquiring loots from a team that you setup. This kind of addition definitely brought something extra for those who might not be that keen on spending long hours just building things out and waiting for any sort of improvement, despite already reaching certain kind of level.

In terms of its control, Anno Online just like any other RTS titles doesn't require difficult setup as mouse usage is basically the main way in working things out from start till end. The positive thing is that unlike some other games, this browser-based outing from Ubisoft has a pretty smooth response, without much lag that usually made many people lose interest in city-building kind of games. Having such an easy operational system obviously helps a lot during that common building setup, which normally takes some time, since that's basically the main strategic feature from the game.

Graphical wise, there's not much to describe from this browser-based game, since it's not being crated in any stunning 3D setup or anything, but Anno Online do have a very pleasing designs, especially for its landscape and town background which really looks like an attractive art paintings. Moreover, when you're upgrading things, there's a fine vivid image of that change, which really makes this game fun and attractive as that hard work you put up can be captured very well.

Overall, Anno Online is a very intriguing and interesting city-building strategy game to play with as all of the fun aspects that game players are looking for from this type of genre are available on this Ubisoft outing. With smooth graphics, easy controls, playing it just brought so much enjoyment, for those who loves RTS titles. However, for those who are looking for something more, some action related stuffs or maybe an extra PvP thingy might be rather disappointed as it's not something that being stressed out by the developer of this title. Obviously, the time length needed in this game can also cause some issues for those who don't have long gaming hours, but considering it's a free to play and also browser-based title, this online version of Anno series certainly deserved a shot as it might just provide that enjoyable moment you're looking for.

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4 January 2014Vincent85
I love this game !  Cool
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