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Prime World

Prime World Experiencing A Unique MMORPG Experience With Prime World

The implementation of social strategy approach in online RPG games are common features this days and pretty much a similar kind of experience is being offered by renowned game developer, Nival on their latest outing, Primal World. This cross-platform outing will take game lovers into that unique medieval realm in which they won't only taste an interesting role playing adventure, but along with that story driven battles, castles building which allowed players in creating their own legacy while having lots of fun especially with its PvP feature.

Just as it was being explained above, this outing from Nival is being staged in that classic medieval fantasy realm, in which players are being brought into this scenario of war between two major factions, the Dokht Imperium and Keepers of Ardonia, which both have their own advantages. Starting things out, players must first chose what side they're supporting throughout the game, before picking up one out of several options for their hero character. There are plenty options for games in picking up their main character, so it's a fun thing indeed as everyone can simply checked out which hero they like the most.

One of the most important things that gamers should notice as they play Prime World is acknowledging the characteristics of each faction as it eventually related with what kind of 'heroes' players can play with. From the list of characters being provided, each has different personal skills which in this game are being labeled as talent. Unlike in many similar type of games, for this outing, new gamers can surely be more comfortable in understanding the talent system as each characters as there are just few predetermined 'skills' being given to those heroes. There are in total of 64 heroes being offered for selection from the two factions, which means there are 32 characters that gamers can pick as they have to choose which sides are they on.

Basically, the story of this game is about a quest for power which is called 'Prime', that have become such important life force for the Imperium along with Keepers of Ardonia, triggering them to compete in taking full control of it. The main difference from those sides is that one is being filled with technological prowess while the other is a magic based society. This directly effected the heroes from each factions and also triggered interesting battle during the game. After choosing their sides along with lead hero, gamers will be given a tutorial about the game, which might take some moments, before eventually starting things out by building your castle.

The game controller is pretty much similar to other similar genres, as players simply use their mouse/pointers in clicking selected objects from their building moment up into the battle zone. Building your castle might not be the most fun moment, especially for those who like to do things rather quickly. The system for this social building mode is being set in a rather similar type of facebook games, where gamers need to wait before eventually acquiring their next match queue. However, this element can't be out looked as it plays an important part in terms of enhancing your heroes' talents.

As for the battle, gamers are being given several modes with Borderlands, which is a standard 5v5 three lane map, being the basic setting from Nival. However there are also other modes being introduced with rather different setup such as Dragon Wald (a much more PvE oriented type), Outpost (a single lane and fast paced map), Native Land (a defense based setting), Apocalypse (similar to borderlands but with an infectious twist), Switcharoo (a setup which randomly switch gamers' heroes) and Challenge ( a difficult survival mode kind of thingy). Those modes are being set in a certain time, so if gamers are keen on playing in certain modes, they should first check out available schedule.

During the battle, players simply just need to combine their mouse clicking function with several buttons in hammering their opponents, choosing items, checking out game stats, acknowledging health bar and etc. There isnít much difference from other similar genres, as the only thing that separate Prime World lays on the usage of Prime as rewards from killing enemies or playing mini games. Moreover, there are also an interesting feature in battle which is flag raising thing that allows gamers to earn native terrain. That terrain provides several positive advantages for your team as in that territory; you can enhance talents and also teleport within that area.

As it was mentioned before, gamers can also play mini-games, which will allow them to acquire Prime along with magical scrolls that can be used in helping out your characters or teammates. Returning into the battlefield, there's also another unique thing that Nival set, called Glyphs, a symbol that provides timely based aid for your characters, teammates or enemies. The special status aided by Glyphs varies depending on the symbol which can be found in either the upper half or bottom half or the river.

In terms of visual, Prime World offers a pretty solid and clear graphic, along with interesting character design that should pretty much attract online RPG lovers. The maps are also being drawn in such interesting fashion, though background music could still use some improvement, but it is still an eye catching outing to play. Overall, this game is indeed an intriguing option for gamers who are keen on tasting an MMORPG that offers something a little different from its game play. Although there's an issue with the facebook kind of style in terms of its city building and also crazy difficulties in the single-player challenge mission, pricey in-game purchases, but the fresh ideas being implemented should still be applauded. For those who are keen on trying out that fresh ideas being offered for this game, it's recommended to try out this free-to play outing.

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27 December 2013PerpetualNomad
Doesn't seem to work. After downloading and installing I tried to play, but it seems the server is closed.
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