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Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends Feeling the Strong Mixture of Card Battle and RPG with Kings and Legends game: This card battle MMORPG outing, simply provides nice combination between two interesting genres, that have strong followers from all over the globe, so there's a strong potential market that is being approach by this game's publisher. Mixing those two supposedly different styles might be considered quite odd at first, but with appropriate crafting, this combination can really turn into an exciting experience for fans from both of those genres and thatís the reason why games are addicted to Kings and Legends game play.

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Kings and Legends

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Kings and Legends game review continues

Online gaming industry have recently been hit by waves of games with multiple genres and one of the latest combination that got into trend is card themed outing which being mixed with RPG element, just as Kings and Legends from Game Sphere.

Speaking more about Kings and Legends, this game will also provides plenty MMORPG elements not just the basic ones as there's character building, developing your city, strong story line along with strategic element during battles. Those rich setups simply made this outing an attractive option for gamer who are eager to experience this kind of combination or for those keen on card themed gaming, but want something extra during playing it. This mash-up from Game Sphere truly keen on exploring new possibilities, mainly in terms of that previously talked about gamer potential, which can easily be reached through a well crafted combination.

Starting things out, in this game you will be ask to set up a game character before getting more into things and after embarking on some early battles, it's time for choosing one out of four available class. Determining which class that you will be using have such strong effects in your game as it basically determined what kind of skill cards that your character can exclusively use on the deck. Four of those classes that can be picked are, Warrior, Ranger, Mage along with Priest. All of them obviously have their own specific skill sets along with pluses and minuses, so just chose which ones that suits your playing style the most.

Those who have not experience any card battle kind of outing, shouldn't be concerned though when starting things out as there's an in-game tutorial that should help you get into tune with what's going on at Kings and Legends. Another things that made it pretty friendly for newbieís are auto-battle options, which can really help things out when gamer are still not common yet with arranging cards for battle as despite having RPG element, the battle still relies a lot on how game can set that deck of available cards in order to win.

The game play is a bit of mixture of this and that, since with this combination of genre there are many things that can be done. However, basically this game needs the players to enhance their character's stats and set out best possible card arrangement in order to win any of their battles, whether it's PvE or PvP ones. During that journey in turning your character into real 'hero', there are other things that can be done, from upgrading buildings, joining guilds, finishing quests, etc. Obviously as it was previously stated before, the main element that gamer must try to master is simply card arranging and how to acquire the best deck line up.

Just like many other card battling games, Kings and Legends also provide aid for your battles in the form of creature cards which is being used to summon races. There are seven major races that are being setup on this outing, they are: Human, Elf, Halfblood, Undead, Ogre, Goblin and also Beast. Each of those races also being divided into several classes that possessed different set of skills, understanding those personal qualities will really help you in arranging that decks during battles. In your gaming journey, you will bound to face enemies with different set of cards, so it's very essential for gamer to learn the interaction of one creatures with another, discovering which ones having the best effect when being paired up.

The control for this type of genre is not that complicated as mouse usage basically dominates all of your playing needs, so there's nothing too complicated even for new players. Graphic for this outing is being setup in an anime kind of style, with nice character design, lovely and vibrant surrounding, making it pleasing enough for the eyes. Since it's basically a tactical setup, that nicely crafted design really provides comforts while playing this outing, especially during battles.

The various aspects being provided in Kings and Legends really provide plenty fun aspect for all gamer, even for those who are not that experience in playing card themed titles. Players will surely be surprise when acknowledging how they can still be entertained despite not going into the actual story line as just yet. Those different elements are also being mixed in such excellent manner, creating a very rich outing not only in its PvE system but also while battling against each others on PvP. Still, considering it is free-to-play game, game can't always earn the best prizes without using real cash, which kind of disappointing at times.

However, in all, Kings and Legends is an interesting option for online gamer who are keen on searching an entertaining outing that possessed a mixture of different genres in its game play. Those who like both card battle games and MMORPG, will definitely feel at ease with this title as it does combine those two styles nicely. Although there's might still be some pretty complicated card strategy, lack of real fighting action during battles, but overall this title from Game Sphere is a worthy outing to check out, especially since it's a free-to-play game.

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