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Dark Age Wars

Dark Age Wars Embarking On Medieval Themed Strategy Outing With Dark Age Wars

Strategy game with city-building element set in medieval themes have become one of the most desirable outing in recent times and one titles that received positive response gamer is Pixabilt's outing titled, Dark Age Wars. This browser-based game set to offer gamer with an intriguing strategic military setup, which brought that medieval war vibes where you are being given that strong authority in shaping up your own land, crafting a strong kingdom, arranging the army, before eventually preparing for battle against others.

The basic game for this title is pretty much similar with what gamer can discover in other titles with the same genres as it focus a lot in managing resources, building a strong and solid kingdom with reliable armed force. After having all that in shape, along came the war as it's basically something that can't be avoided as either you who initiate things or just waiting for others to start their invasion. Obviously' during your long hours of gathering resources there's several quests, which will bring special rewards and make things much easier.

In this type of outing, players must really pay attention how things are supposed to set up, so gamer won't be wasting time in focusing on certain resources that might not be needed early on, while neglecting a much more essential stuff at that point. One of the examples would be choosing to build a warehouse for your storage facility, before even focusing more on farming at the beginning. The start is often fundamental, that's why gamer should probably take a closer sight on the tutorial that is being presented as it will help in acknowledging all of the basic needs and purpose of Dark Age Wars. There are three main resources that are being considered very important when starting things out, such as: Iron, Wood and also Stone.

Game players are also encouraged to keep working on their building spree at least until they managed to finish up their kingdom, before thinking about starting any war. Another helpful icon in this game is units recruitment as getting them will surely help you during any battles. However, before starting the recruitment process, gamer must first build several things such as, barracks, stable, siege workshop and royal estate since units can only be build on those four locations. Once things are setup and you're ready for battle, gamer can simply check out the world map and chose which kingdom they want to conquer, that's if your land isn't being targeted first. The battle process basically about tactics as players only need to select their army and wait for results as there will be results arriving in every five minutes that helps a lot in hovering the strategy. Gamer can either sent more troops into the battle ground or maybe retreat should they feel a victory is far from the horizon.

Obviously winning the war will provide you with rewards and there are two options that every gamer can pick, which are taking resources from that fallen land or simply taking over that whole territory instead. Should the latter was chosen; players must select a crowned royal heir and sent that heirloom to run things over at the new territory. However, little more important things that players need to understand for that battle is about several tactical stuffs regarding their units as one type of troops basically cancelling out another one. Some examples would be, Cavalry which is perfect to counter Archers, while the former won't be effective upon battling Spearmen, so this kind of knowledge should be implemented during war.

Talking about the game control, just as many might probably figure out already, for this type of outing there's absolutely no complicated set of buttons as with a simple click of your mouse, everything is basically being done. This obviously made things much simpler, though kind of dull at times since the waiting time for this city-building thingy is rather long compared to MMO with different genres. Meanwhile, the graphic itself is not really something that will light things up, but the 2D setup looked rather nice as there's some solid background works along with characters design for gamersí avatar, albeit there aren't many options, but considering it is a city building strategy outing, the visual of Dark Age War is pleasing enough for the eye.

The features being offered aren't much either as since it's a strategy building thingy, the PvP is basically being automated since gamer will be fighting against each otherís without having to select that menu. However, there's is an alliance setup though where player can simply formed a cooperation with each otherís which can be a rewarding option during the game. Another partnership venture that this outing provides is trade, which offers the opportunity for gamer to acquire much needed resources by providing others with something their abundant with. However, ones must first build a market before conducting into this trading stuffs and off course for things to get through each parties must agreed with the terms.

Overall, Dark Age Wars is another medieval themed city building strategy game which once again try to offer gamer with that vivid image of how times back then works, including that land conquering quest which they normally sees in movies. For those who are into this type of genre, playing this title might be something they will strongly consider, but if you are seeking for a much intriguing story and active battles, this is not the option indeed. That long hours required to basically build things up, could very well annoyed those who never tried this kind of outings, but there's pretty good entertainment level being offered especially once gamer already reached that war phase. In all, this browser-based outing might not be offering something new nor providing many features, but for those keen on this genre, it wouldn't hurt to try.

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Dark Age Wars

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