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Angels Wrath

Angels Wrath Angelís Wrath is a classic free to play browser-based MMORPG video game you can play on your computer. Much like other free to play MMORPG video games out there, the gameplay is simple yet very addictive. There are a lot of quests you can do in this game that offers you hours of fun gameplay. First things first, Angelís Wrath starts off requiring you to choose which gender you want to play as. You cannot alter the appearance for the character you have chosen so you are left to play as a blue haired small boy or a cute looking pink haired girl. Once you have done that, the game starts off immediately as the game loads pretty fast.

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Angels Wrath

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Angelís Wrath Review Game Review continues

Angelís Wrath starts like most other games and thatís starting off with the mandatory tutorial. Angelís Wrath is basically a click and point type of MMORPG video game because it has the super useful auto-travel system. This travel system means the character will automatically travel to their next location without you needing to look at the map all of the time.

The gameplay of Angelís Wrath is pretty easy because the game is mostly just pointing and clicking. The auto travelling system as mentioned above makes the game progress at a rapid pace. The maps are pretty large so itís helpful you donít have to manually travel to the locations yourself. This system will be easier for gamers that want to undertake quests as quick as possible.

The combat system is also a point and click affair too. The enemies are just bunched up in one location and all you have to do is just point using your mouse and your character will just start hacking away. The enemies (at the beginning of the game) donít even react to your attacks and just sit there without attacking you whatsoever. Because of this, the combat in Angelís Wrath is painfully easy.

Graphically, Angelís Wrath has a cute Japanese style appearance that gleams with such bright colors and beauty. Sometimes I feel the gameís cutesy graphics can go overboard at time because some of the enemies you have to face look cute and innocent too. I remember you had to fight some beautiful looking butterfly fairies. Usually RPG games get you to kill ugly things such as rats or goblins so it was such a big surprise needing to fight something as innocent looking as a fairy.

In terms of the character models, they are just as cute looking as everything else in this game too. All of the characters have big eyes and something that you will see in a Japanese anime. You can even have a pet that will help you during quests too. The first pet I got was a fox-looking creature that looked pretty adorable.

The music that plays throughout the entire game is a joy to listen to. Itís traditional style Chinese music which is what you donít usually hear much in recent video games. The soundtrack is pretty catchy and adds to the upbeat atmosphere that this game has. The sound effects are there, although theyíre not a prominent as the music is. Still, the audio is of a high quality especially for a browser-based free to play game.

Overall, Angelís Wrath does not add any new features to the MMORPG genre, but this does not mean itís not a fun game to play. The bright and bubbly appearance make the atmosphere very fun to play, although sometime I feel sad when I have to defeat the cute enemies too. Still, the game moves at a fast pace and is very easy to play. I donít think hardcore gamers will find this game fun because itís too easy, but casual gamers might like its accessibility. Angelís Wrath is highly recommended if youíre looking to play a MMORPG video game that doesnít take itself too seriously, but is also easy to pick up and play as well.

Angel's Wrath Video Gameplay

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