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Mutant Badlands

Mutant Badlands Mutant Badlands Review Mutant Badlands is a free to play zombie style MMORPG. The game has a unique setting because it is set in a post apocalyptic with zombies now roaming the Earth. Only a few humans are left to survive and itís your job to survive and try to help others that are in need. Zombie survival games are nothing new in the video game industry, but I admire the genre being made into a free to play video game. There are too many free to play video games out there that are fantasy based so I admire the change in scenery.

The story of Mutant Badlands is represented by text as you are one of many survivors that now shelter in underground bunkers. This is because the world has been somewhat destroyed thanks to a meteor that crashed landed on Earth. Most people have now been infected with radiation turning them into zombie-like beings. Now with the world a barren mess, only you and a few other survivors remain in this world.

The game starts off with the character creation screen. Character creation in Mutant Badlands is pretty cool because you can change the sex, skin tone, face, hair and facial features for them. The only thing you cannot do is alter their body shape and give them decent clothes. I guess this makes sense since survivors would be skinny during this ordeal and their clothes would be tattered too. I ended up creating someone that looks like my brotherÖ

After choosing the character you want to play as, the first mission sees you travelling the barren world in search for more survivors. Mutant Badlands is a different sort of MMORPG video game because itís more like a point and click kind of game. The world can be explored simply by clicking above the highlighted arrows. The fact that the game has waypoints makes it easier for you to know where you need to go to next.

The one thing I loved most about Mutant Badlands was its highly unorthodox battle system. The battle system plays like a turn-based RPG, however it is played from a first person perspective. This gives the game a fresh experience and it reminds me of the Dead Island series. You can even target at weak spots on the enemies while you are fighting.

I do like the way how the game is presented because you donít have to explore and save everyone you can. This is a survival game after all and staying alive and collecting as much resources as you can is key to your success. You can choose to save others, or you can retreat and regroup just in case you find yourself outnumbered.

If there is one bad thing I have to say about Mutant Badlands is that I often found myself needing to retreat back to shelter too many times. This is because your health does not regenerate after each battle. You will often get a chunk of your health taken off every time you enter battle so you have to go back to the shelter to recover your injuries. Itís a small annoyance, but nothing that ruins the overall experience of the entire game.

Graphically, Mutant Badlands has one of the better looking graphics for a browser based title. The first person view gives us a clear look at the enemy character models and they are highly detailed. The world map is also detailed, even though it is viewed from top down perspective. The only downside to the gameís presentation is the lack of sound. Yes, there are sound effects in the game, but there is no background music to listen to unless you are engaged in battle. For the majority of the time youíre playing the game in silence and reading a bunch of text which isnít very fun. I guess this makes sense anyway since a post apocalyptic world would be a silent place to live in.

Another unique feature of the game is that there is a co-op mode and you can craft items to make weapons. There are features seen in other titles like Dead Island and Dead Rising 3 just to name a few. Itís great that a game like this has a co-op mode as it makes the game easier to play with a friend and itís also a more fun experience too.

Overall, Mutant Badlands is a really great free to play game that is unlike most other browse based titles I have played over the years. The story and setting is what really sets this game apart from all of the others. Not to mention it has an engaging story with a fun combat system to go along with this. If you loved games like the Dead Island series or even The Last of Us, Mutant Badlands is definitely worth checking out. All you need is an internet connection and any computer to play this game as you donít have to pay for it to enjoy it!

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Mutant Badlands

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