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Worlds End Chapter 1

Worlds End Chapter 1 Worlds End Chapter 1
World’s End Chapter 1 Review World’s End Chapter 1 is an interesting new take to the RPG genre. RPGs are rarely set in the real world so it’s a nice change playing this game. This game is pretty mature because the characters use drugs and are not the usual “hero” archetype that you often see in games and/or movies these days. In saying that, the game is a breath of fresh air and is an experience like no other. It’s also worth mentioning this is a free to play browser-based game so it’s very accessible and easy enough for anyone to pick up and play.

World’s End Chapter 1 begins with a conversation between three deadbeat flatmates with no job. One of the flatmates spent most of their money on “weed” and the other two are annoyed about this. However, none of them are willing to get a job simply because they all hated the previous ones that got. In hopes of getting more money and not to live in semi-poverty, they go out in search for a way to get more money for themselves. The main character you control is Ivan, but he is joined by Ysabel and the weed smoker Tevoran. All of them have different personalities on how they want to handle situations…

Once they get out of the house, a couple of gang members attack them. The battle system in World’s End Chapter 1 plays like a tactical RPG style of game as the playing field is a grid where the characters can only move once it’s their turn. You cannot freely move around the grid as you only have two actions you can do per turn. It’s kind of like playing chess, only that it’s more fun looking at cartoon characters than just a couple of plastic molded shapes.

Let me start off by saying that World’s End Chapter 1 is a pretty hard RPG game because tactics are really important if you want to stay on top of this game. Your party usually consists of only three or four characters and you are normally outnumbered by eight or nine enemies in each battle. Not to mention this game has friendly fire so you have to be careful where your characters are at all times. I remember accidentally hitting my own party members on more than one occasion simply because I failed to move my party around effectively. The enemies also move around the battleground too finding new ways to kill you off.

The combat system is fairly basic overall because you just point and click on a character using the mouse. The set of action you can do is to move, use an item or attack. Each character can only perform two actions in one move until it’s another’s characters turn. Once you end your turn, it’s the enemies turn to strike. It’s best to get in as many attacks as possible in each turn as the enemy will love to take advantage if you make a mistake.

World’s End Chapter 1 does have a helpful walkthrough included on the main menu if you ever get stuck. You can read up on it if you ever find any of the battles to be excruciatingly hard at any point in time. There is no multiplayer aspect added to the game so you have to rely on your own brain and skills to get through this tough little game.

Graphically, World’s End Chapter 1 is neat, but nothing too special. This is because the game was made by one person so don’t expect the character design to be “professional”. Still, it’s admirable as the 2D graphics do look pretty good in some places. Also, the level design is excellent because it makes the battles unpredictable and exciting. The game also has a pretty cool soundtrack that plays throughout the background. The soundtrack can be turned off at any time just in case it’s not your type of music…

World’s End Chapter 1 is one very playable and unique free to play RPG video game. The story is quite mature so I suggest players under the age of 16 or 18 shouldn’t play this game simply because there is violence and drug use. I do admire however the unique setting because most RPG video games are fantasy based. This is one of the first RPG games I’ve played that delves into gangs and the criminal underground. If you have some free time to spare and want to play a game that’s out of the ordinary, you should give World’s End Chapter 1 a try. It may not be for everyone, but it’s a game that I enjoyed playing.

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Worlds End Chapter 1

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23 June 2014YouDead
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