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Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer Experiencing Fun and Exciting Survival Horror RPG Adventure with Zombie Slayer game: Survival horror theme has been frequently used by game developer in producing a fun entertainment outing for game lovers from all over the globe. Another latest title that is currently embarking in MMO realm is Zombie Slayer, which is being crafted by Kano/Apps and being made available for several platforms including on Facebook. This game is basically another text-icon based online RPG outing that put more emphasize on the game play instead of any visual graphic or in depth story line, though Zombie Slayer still have a background story.

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Zombie Slayer

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Zombie Slayer Game Review

The basic story of this game is not something uncommon as gamer will be playing as one of several slayers, who are forced to join force with every part of surviving society in the battle against zombies that starts to spread. Staring things out, players are being provided with several jobs options for their main hero, such as lawyer, pro athlete, police officer, ex-military, doctor and also a teacher. However, despite having around six different choices, there's actually not much difference in terms of skills characteristic among those jobs as all being provided with similar attack and defense stats in the beginning.

Just as many similar types of Facebook games, Zombie Slayer offers several gaming features which main purpose is providing gamer within game cash, xp, and many other needed stuffs that can further enhance the gamer's character. Early on, players are being asked to complete tasks in outbreaks where they will be killing off zombies in exchange of stats, xp, cash and all of those needed things. After having enough money or adequate weapons and armor, gamer can also challenge other players in the fight section and acquire further bonuses that can help them out in becoming that master zombie slayer.

In order to make their zombie hunting adventure much more easier, gamer can also embark on properties section in which they are encouraged to purchase several buildings, medical center and others that provide players with in-game cash. Having good amount of money will be very helpful especially early on as gamer can only purchase things with cash, while waiting for other currencies such as UN credits and also Loyalty points that can be used in getting several rare weaponry along with armor in that outing. Collecting cash is pretty easy in Zombie Slayer, but patience is definitely needed from players if they are keen on grabbing enough UN credits of even Loyalty points as gamer are forced to keep on playing regularly so they can finally taste the usage of that two important currencies.

Aside from those previous gaming features, another interesting addition that can further attract gamer in trying out this product from Kano/Apps is boss battle, guilds/factions war along with other interesting PvP system. The developer inserted an exciting gaming aspect indeed where gamer can do some nasty stuffs towards other players, such as ambushing, punching or attacking them outside of the fight feature. There's also bounty hunting system that can either provide tons of cash for gamer, but also forced them becoming that hunted target which will be receiving plenty dangerous threats from others.

The boss battle system is also an interesting aspect that being offered by Kano/Apps as the company crafted three types of battle, a single one, co-op along with worldwide boss battle. Each of those sections needs certain conditions before players can get themselves involved in it, so once again patience is needed to even participate on it. However, the rewards being provided for those who embarked on boss fights is obviously worth the wait as for gamer who managed to win their battle or even participate on world battle, there's tons of cash along with bonuses awaits them.

Being a common browser-based outing, as it was previously stated above, gamer shouldn't expect any special visual graphic being provided by this outing. The image graphic crafted by Kano/Apps is pretty decent though, as the characters design is being made in a sort of comic-style, which might not be everyone's favorite, but isn't something disappointing either. As text and icon based RPG, Zombie Slayer doesn't set too much focus on that visualization as game play is something that being set as main focus. Another advantage from this kind of game, is its' simple control as players only need to click their mouse in completing every tasks in this game.

Having so many simple setup, doesn't mean everything is comfortable in Zombie Slayer, as another common weaknesses that can be seen from this type of game is its' long waiting hours which can't be avoided especially when gamer are running out of stamina and energy, which basically stop them from tasting the most entertaining part of this game. The high amount of gaming currencies required in getting super weapons or armors can also be considered as an annoying part for some players. Furthermore, once again the needs of having friends helping out by becoming squad member in certain tasks also made things rather difficult for some, especially those who can't persuade their Facebook friends in playing this game.

In all, Zombie Slayer is another potentially addictive text-based RPG from Kano/Apps that managed to offer different approach in the survival horror genre. Although not having any special visual graphics being implemented in it, this outing offers that fun, simple and interesting gaming features that triggered interest for many players. The game also has pretty solid social interaction, as those playing it are usually very active and helpful. However, several terms and condition being crafted for gamer in order to finish up some tasks really kills a bit of that fun gaming part. Still, being a free browser-based outing, added with wide amount of features is more than enough reason for game lovers to have a try.

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