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League of Angels

League of Angels : Experiencing Angelic MMORPG Experience with League of Angels game : The popularity of browser-based MMORPG never seems to stop growing in recent times as developer continue to produce their latest craft on that genre including renowned company, R2Games which recently unleashed another of their role playing venture titled, League of Angels. Just as its' title League of Angels , for this outing R2Games are taking gamer into that common Gods and heroes' realm which albeit a rather common theme for any RPG titles, but it is still something that many game lover are keen on experiencing up till this moment.

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League of Angels

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League of Angels game review continues

In this outing, gamer will be acting as a warrior from the human race, who are being asked to help out their current realm from a dangerous threat from the vicious Suurde, who started an evil plot by hunting angels, the creature that have been protecting that world. Having the realm's protector being seriously threatened, gamer most give their all not just in aid of those angels, but also to protect their universe from all of the trouble that Suurde has been creating. Starting their heroic journey, players are being provided with two classes for options, which are warrior and mage. Moreover, players are also allowed to chose between either male or female as the gender for their main character in this exciting adventure.

Making things much more merrier, gamer are also being provided with the chance in adding more firepower for their battle as there's an opportunity in recruiting heroes up to five of them later on the journey. Furthermore, aside from extra help from heroes, players will also be aided with angels' assistance, which is something that many would already predicted considering the fact that this outing revolves around angel. Having those additional helper won't only make things much more comfortable but also exciting as checking out each angels or heroes abilities is always a plus side in any MMORPG games, including in League of Angels.

The game play for this outing is pretty much similar with any other MMORPG titles, where gamer are being asked to finish off their tasks being provided which directly related with the game's story line or what many currently said as the PvE setup for this outing. Everything is being setup in an auto-pathing system, so gamer basically won't get lost in trying to finish up any quests or following up what they must do after one mission. This style is very common in MMORPG, so although it might lessen any exploration or interaction, but it's not something that should concern many gamer, unless they're still new to online gaming world.

Aside from the PvE setup, battling system in League of Angels is also being automated as players can't really engage in any interaction when they're at the battle ground so things must arranged just before the fight start. For those who enjoy classic RPG titles, they might be familiar with the battle style as it's a turn-based system which means that players along with their enemies take turns in attacking each others. Obviously, the inability to directly engage on battle tactics kind make things rather dull, but there's still some pretty cool magic or skills visualizations being offers to slightly eliminating some disappointment that lack of involvement in fights. As it was explained, this setup basically required gamer to really set all of their attacking setup, weapon, armor and any other requirements before eventually stepping into that battle zone.

Although the game seemed to put more emphasize in its adventure aspect, but players are also being provided with many fun features that could very well add that entertainment element especially earlier in the game where things are kind of repetitive. The social aspect on League of Angels is also another interesting area that gamer might be keen on embarking, especially with an interesting key features such as worship along with marriage, yup, in this game, players can do an online marriage as their character can tie the knot with another player, obviously with mutual consent as there's several conditions required for it. This interesting option obviously bolster gamer's activity in interacting with other players, not just in common guild or PvP battle, but also under a much more fun, intimate situation such as that marriage, which could also provide plenty in-game advantages that both couples can acquire. Making things much more real, there's also an option for divorce should things didn't work out between the two online couples.

Viewing it's graphic, League of Angels has a pretty interesting designs compared to other browser-based games. However, it's nothing super special indeed as there's been several titles that crafted more astonishing visual in recent times. Still, this game manage to provide an engaging visuals, especially during battles, which could very well attract anyone in trying it out. The music being provided might be rather generic, but it's not somewhat disturbing for those playing it and can be considered a pretty solid addition along with its visual.

Just like many browser-based outing that have that auto-pathing along with automatic battle system, League of Angels also have a simple game control as gamer can basically uses their mouse in activating all commands required in this outing. This simple setup obviously well liked for those players, who are not that keen on getting involved into much gaming details and trouble. There's also several additional gaming features which should also entertain players, who might be rather bored with several repetitive quests earlier in their journey.

Although many of the things being offered by League of Angels might not be something truly original, nor spectacular, but they still provide that fun gaming experience that many players can engage on. Their lack of details in several stuffs such as automatic battle system might also be considered something that's lacking from this title, but the tons of features that R2Games offers in this title can still cover for any of that minuses. Overall, this free-to-play outing is another decent gaming alternatives for any MMORPG lovers, who are looking for something interesting gaming experience.

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