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Original Blood

Original Blood Experiencing a Dark Themed MMORPG with Original Blood . Interesting dark creatures themed game arrives again to entertain online gaming fans as Joyhubs recently decide to repackage unleash Original Blood: Tales of Eternal Blood. An avid seeker of MMORPG games might be familiar with this outing though as Original Blood is actually a sort of repackage version of Moonlight Online from IGG, so it's not something new but still an interesting title for those who are keen with this kind of themes for RPG. Just like its title, Original Blood game will take gamer into that dark realm in which there's a battle between three major races, Humans, Vampires and also Werewolf.

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Original Blood

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Original Blood Game Review

As it was explained above, in this outing players are being asked to pick their preferable races among the three mentioned above. Obviously there's plenty differences among the likes of Humans, Vampires and Werewolf, but gamer shouldn’t have much concern with having one of those options being overpowered or being too strong as the game developer already set things up so that none of those scenario will occur. Basically, players can simply choose their favorite race based of its positives, negatives, skills or maybe even appearances, without worrying that they will have a hard playing time because of choosing the wrong option.

Aside from picking out one of three races, during character creation, gamer will also choose their favorite classes along with gender for the hero that they will be using in this major battle. After finishing all of the customization process for their character, players can immediately start their journey in Original Blood. This game itself tells about the time when there's huge war between human, vampire along with werewolf which apparently is being orchestrated by demons, so in the end players must confront those force of evil and recreate a peaceful life within the world they're living in.

Basic game play for this MMORPG is basically quest finishing system filled with several features that help players in enhancing their characters. In Original Blood, gamer can discover several type of quests, which are, Story related quests, Item quests, Tutorial quests, Recommended quests and also other PvP or Guild related mission. Just like any role playing titles, gamer must finished the tasks given to them with battles against enemies being such important part of it. Once the players managed to complete any of the tasks being provided, there are the regular rewards that they can use to improve their main character's stats.

The control system for Original Blood is a common keyboards plus mouse combination, in which players can use W, A, S, D basic setup for moving their character's around, while mouse clicking can be used to steer camera view also being used heavily during battles. Battling system being provided for this outing is also something that any online gaming lovers should acknowledge as it's sort of similar to an action RPG concept where players can immediately slash down their opponent, either by using their basic attack or using specially skills via hot keys.

There are also several other interesting features that gamer can embark on this outing such as, mediation, which can help players earning exp along with bonus energy despite the fact they're being off line. Mentoring system is also a unique thing that players can experience as after certain level they can provide guidance to new comers in this outing, which will provide benefits for both parties. There' also marriage setup being provided where players can tie their knot with fellow gamer, obviously their characters have to be from different gender, before even thinking about that process. Aside from those cool features, there's always that common PvP and Guild system that will definitely please those who are keen with some competition against others.

For those who are very attracted with RPG that pay strong attention in storyline, they should be pleased with hoe Original Blood provides that strong emphasize on it as this game do provides an exciting and pretty depth story, with a pretty uncommon themes for this kind of game. Being provided with a pretty interesting character design also helps things a lot as gamer can easily relate how the story is being developed by visualizing on what they saw while playing. This outing might not have the best of graphic setup, but it's still something pleasing enough for gamer, especially those who are attracted with this vampire/werewolf kind of thingy.

Being provided with several interesting features along with unique leveling system which saw gamers’ weapon along improving its strength as their character levels up, simply made Original Blood an engaging and addictive MMORPG to play . However, the decision made to simply the strength of each races could be considered as something negatives for some players, especially those who are expecting something much more close to their imagination about certain races. Still, with plenty interesting stuffs being offered, players can simply grabbed that interesting gaming experience that they might not commonly have while trying out other games.

In all, despite not being an originally new crafted outing, but Original Blood can still provide tons of entertainment for any of those MMORPG lovers who also have that strong affection with this dark creature’s kind of theme . Despite still having some flaws, the developer already give their all in compensating it with exciting gaming features that can really provide that addictive factor for any gamer, even for those who haven't had much experience in online gaming before. Albeit gamer must prepare their memory spot to download part of its setup, it's not being craft to take plenty of space, so there shouldn't be much concern for those who are keen on trying it out.

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