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Blade Hunter

Blade Hunter Blade Hunter is a fairly new free to play MMORPG that you can play online. It is browser-based so you can easily play the game on any web browser. The game is a 2D fantasy title that looks like most other RPG video games out there, but it has a unique combat system that is arguably one of the best I have ever played from a MMO title before. Bear in mind there is another MMORPG game out there called ďHunter BladeĒ. Donít get confused between the two because one is 3D and the other is 2D. What Iím reviewing right now is Blade Hunter which is a 2D MMORPG.

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Blade Hunter

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Blade Hunter Game Review continues

Much like most other MMORPG video games, you start off choosing the class type that you want to play as. There are four class types that you can play as and they include the following: Knight, Valkyrie, Rogue and Mechanist. The characters are all pre-made so you donít have the opportunity to customize the way they look sadly. The Knight and Rogue are two meaty men with blonde and brown hair respectively. The Valkyrie and Mechanist are both females. Once you have chosen who you want to be, the game loads up and you are on an airship getting prepared for battle already.

The best thing about Blade Hunter is the fact that the combat is fully controlled by the player. This is not a RPG style of game where you click on commands or wait for your turn to attack. Instead, Blade Hunterís combat resembles that of a 2D brawling style of game. You can move your character around using the WASD keys, plus attack using several techniques with other commands on your keyboard. You can actually do some crazy (yet cool) looking combos too.

I chose to play as a Mechanic and she had a huge hammer that she can throw around to great effect. Her hammer can strike enemies from the ground and lift them up in the air. Itís pretty cool how your character can also jump so that you can continue your combo in the air. The combat sometimes feels like youíre playing a hardcore 2D fighting game sometimes, and it is fun as hell. When you progress further into the game, more techniques are available for you to attain where you can do even more damage than before. Itís really fun just going around and killing a lot of bad guys by mashing the buttons on your keyboard. Itís refreshing for a free to play MMORPG video game to incorporate a combat system where you can actually control your characterís every move. The only minor downside to the overall combat is that there is no blocking, but itís rarely required anyway.

If thereís anything that ruins the combat in the game, itís the great high quality graphics. Blade Hunter has some very detailed illustrated backgrounds and awesome character models to boot. However, the quality of the graphics does mean that the game lags from time-to-time while you are busy engaged in deep combat. I remember I was inside a fiery volcano and had a battle against a very large dragon. This menacing dragon looked awesome as he covered the whole screen. As he was flying around the breathing out fire, it was hard for me to attack him because the game would lag. Even though Blade Hunter is browser based, be prepared for some lag during boss battles. That being said, the boss battle with the dragon was still an awesome experience. It is very satisfying slaying down a dragon that is many times bigger than you areÖ

Much like other 2D-based MMORPG video games, everything is simplistic in this game because minimal exploration is required here. The game automatically directs you where you need to go at all times, which makes it really helpful because it shows you who you need to talk to. The game even tells you the recommended armor, magic and weapons you might need during a quest too. A portal opens up that takes you to the location for your next quest too. Itís a type of game where long and boring exploration is not required. If you love games that allow you to explore expansive worlds, you should look for another game that is 3D-basedÖ

The audio in Blade Hunter is terrific. The sound of combat is ďbone crunchinglyĒ great to listen to and the music is both soothing and epic depending on the situation. I really love the music that plays while you are at the village. Itís nice and calm type of music that other Japanese style of game have when you visit a town. The music that plays while you are in combat is great as well. Itís ads to the overall experience and is better than just playing the game in complete silence like some budget free to play games usually are . I found it funny that the tune that plays after you win battle is similar to that of the old school Final Fantasy games.

Overall, Blade Hunter is a high quality video game and is recommended for gamers that love to see a lot of action. The combat system is very slick and satisfying to play as you are in full control of your characterís movements. Not to mention the audio and visual presentation is immaculate as well. If youíre looking to play a great action game, look no further than with Blade Hunter. I assure it will be a game that will entertain you for hours on end.

Blade Hunter Gameplay Video

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