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Brave Tales

Brave Tales Brave Tales Review
Brave Tales is a Facebook free to play RPG video game. All you need to do is log in to your Facebook account and then you can start playing this cute little 2D RPG game. Brave Tales is a traditional style of RPG because it features the similar character archetypes we normally see from this genre, plus is has an old fashioned style of combat.

Brave Tales is a linear style of RPG because you donít have the freedom to create your own character. The game literally starts immediately with no introduction or anything. You just see one man with a shield and sword and another old man that looks like a wizard. Before you can do anything, the tutorial starts up and that is that. I would have preferred if you were able to create your own character, because the characters in this game look generic. Still, it doesnít stop this game from being playable from the get-go.

Brave Tales is a very basic RPG game at best because the controls are as simplistic as they come. It is just a point and click type of game. All you need to do is use your mouse to click on a character and point to where you want them to move. When an enemy is nearby, you can highlight them and the character will start hacking away. The wizard serves as a support character as he will constantly heal any damage that the character will get.

The combat is pretty neat, because it is not turn-based. This means you can attack anytime at will and donít have to wait for your turn. Not to mention you can also click on the bottom of the screen to initiate any of the charactersí special moves. The main guy can do a special slash with his sword that will deal more damage. The wizard guy has a special spell that can heal characters faster than is usual spell he often does.

Throughout your journey, you will meet up with more characters that decide to join you. The first character is a female warrior with a bow and arrow. She is really helpful in taking out enemies from afar without taking too much damage herself. The first time that you meet up with her is when you have to take down an evil looking black bear. She proves to be a helpful ally because her arrows are pretty powerful and she helps put the warrior take out bad guys while the wizard stays back and supports both of them.

As the game goes on, you do realize that it becomes just a point and click type of affair. You will choose where you want to go and then start attacking a bunch of bad guys. You donít actually get to explore a huge unbroken area because the levels are broken up into different segments. All you can do is just rest after each battle to either shop for more items or equip yourself with more weapons and/or armor you get during your journey.

If there is anything bad about Brave Tales, itís that the game is not entirely ďfree-to-playĒ so to speak because there are a few microtransactions present. For example, it costs gold if you want to revive any of your character that die during battle. Gold can be earned while playing the game itself, but you will have to spend your own real money if you need to obtain more gold. Itís not too expensive to buy gold, but it is a cheeky way for the developer to add microtransactions when you need it most for reviving your characters back from the brink of death.

Presentation wise, the game looks wonderful and is beautifully animated. It doesnít look quite as good as a 2D Disney film, but the resemblances are there. The characters look cute, although I would say they do look a bit small for my taste. The background environments however look great as they do in most other fantasy-based video games.

As for the music, there is a full orchestra playing in the background that makes this game sound more professional than most free to play video games out there. The battle music pounds with a lot of bass and suspenseful violins. The peaceful music that plays while you are not in battle is my favorite however. The peaceful soundtrack sounds like some of the tunes from Final Fantasy XII. As much as I liked the music in this game, it does repeat a lot which can get annoying if you are sick of hearing the same tunesÖ

Overall, Brave Tales is a highly enjoyable and easy to play video game. Itís not very hard to play as the controls are very simplistic and itís easy to get addicted right away. The fact that all you need is a Facebook account to play this game means itís very accessible so most people will have no trouble playing it. As great as the graphics are, I noticed that the game never lags too so thatís a plus as well. If you are a fan of RPG games and want to play something that is easy, Brave Tales is what should fill your void.

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