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Champions of Chaos 2

Champions of Chaos 2 Champions of Chaos II is a free to play fantasy based RPG that you can play online. It is a flash based video game so you can play it easily through your computerís browser. Many people have embedded the game onto their own websites so you should have no trouble finding where and how to play the game. The game also loads very quickly as you donít have to download anything to play the game unless you donít have the latest flash updates. The game is also available to buy which gives you access to slightly more things if you love the game that much.

The game starts off in an ominous note with an empty helmet lying down with a pool of blood. A narrator explains how the Dark Emperor defeated them by brute force and power in numbers. The Dark Emperor has a huge army that outnumbered the good guys by quite a large margin. The narrator now explains how he needs to search for more allies. Even if he needs to search the entire world, he wants to assemble the best warriors in order to defeat the Dark Emperor and his huge and evil army. This is where you come in to try and help him out.

After the pretty cool cutscene that introduces Champions of Chaos IIís story, you are shoved onto the main menu screen. As you start a new game, you can choose the quality of the graphics, the battle speed and even the difficulty of the game. After that, you are prompted to create the two characters that youíd like to play as.

For free to play gamers, you have access to five class types that include the following: Mage, Warrior, Paladin, Bard and a Shielder. If you paid for the game, you can also play as a Vampire, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman and Jack. In terms of the actual character customization itself, thereís not a lot you can do to your character to make them look unique. The genders are locked depending on what class you choose and all you can really customize is their hair style and the color of it. Itís a little disappointing, but not something that hurts the actual gameplay in any shape or form. Yes, it would have been cooler to create more diverse characters, but this is just a minor gripe. I do admire however you can choose two main characters instead of being only one. Thatís something that rarely happens in free to play video games.

After you have chosen your two heroes, the game starts off with an optional tutorial. The one thing I loved most about this game is that it has full voice overs. Every piece of dialogue has a voice actor attached to it. You donít usually see this in free to play video games, so I admire the hard work that has been put into Champions of Chaos II. The voice acting itself is pretty top notch too and doesnít sound lame or forced. Although I would say there is a ton of dialogue to go through, so be prepared for lots of reading! Unless of course you donít care about the story you can always click and skip through them quickly.

In terms of the actual gameplay, Champions of Chaos II has a simple turn-based combat system like old-school RPG video games. Each hero on your team takes turns getting a hit and the same thing goes to the enemies too. You have the chance to pick and choose skills and abilities you want to do on each turn as well. Some skills decrease your ďability barĒ so you have to be careful not to spam you most powerful attack all of the time. Not to mention you have to look out for your health bar too if you want to heal your characters effectively. The last thing you want to happen is to have both your characters dead.

Aside from battling, there is an overview map where you can visit different places in Champions of Chaos II. There is a graveyard where you can test out your skills on zombies to kill off. You can also buy cheerleaders too that will aid you in battle. Of course, there is the armor shop so you can buy new armor and the like. The actual game just sees you battling waves of enemies until you are able to reach the final boss. It can be very fun to play thanks to its easy gameplay. Itís an accessible game that isnít too hard and the battles are short and entertaining. Itís not a type of game that takes itself too seriously with long drawn out battles thatís for sure.

In terms of production values, Champions of Chaos II is very well made. I already mentioned the game has full voice overs which is almost unheard of from a free to play game. There is also decent music that changes as well whether you are in battle or just on the main menu screen. Graphically, the game looks cool too with bright colors and cute looking characters. It looks like a cartoon that you would see from the Ď80s or Ď90s. Itís also cool that the game loads very quick despite all of the content that is packed into this game.

Overall, Champions of Chaos II is a wonderful game to play with top notch production values and accessible yet fun gameplay to boot. Hardcore RPG fans might think this game is on the easy side, but you can increase the difficulty to suit your needs. Not to mention the game actually has a storyline for you to follow with side missions and full voice overs to go along with it. Champions of Chaos II is one of the very best free to play video games I have played in a long time. Make sure to look play if you have some spare time over the weekend. Itís highly recommended even if youíre not really a fan of RPG video games in general.

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Champions of Chaos 2

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