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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Entering an Entertaining Gaming Journey With The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot An interesting breed of game is being introduced by renowned company, Ubisoft, that recently launched a crafty combination of hack & slash RPG, dungeon crawling, castle building and defense titled The Mighty Quest of Epic Loot. Just by checking out its title, one can slightly expect there's a fun or comedy element being blended with those previous gaming element, making it an interesting outing for any game lovers. Being setup up in a fantasy world called Opulencia, where narcissism and competitiveness seems like such a bid deal, gamer will be tapped as one of those who loves to raid on other kingdoms and try to collect all the available treasure.

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

  The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot at

Click to Play The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot,MQEL is a monster-killing, loot-collecting, castle-pillaging good time game!

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Game Review continues…

The premise of this game is very interesting indeed as gamer are being provided with a sort of two way gaming experience as at first players will embark on that classic Diablo's loot based RPG, where players are being sent to collect items in a hack & slash journey. After collecting all the possible items and gold, gamer will embark into a castle building plus defense setup as they must now protect their ground from potential attack. Basically once players are finished collecting stuffs from their raids, they can used it to improve their home base, by setting up traps, designing dungeons and everything required to keep your castle away from enemies threat.

Starting the game, players are being provided with three available classes for their main hero (four through in game micro transaction process). Gamer can chose whether they are much comfortable in being a knight, archer or mage, while the other optional genre would be called the Runaway. After completing the early requirement in picking one of those three class, players can immediately start their adventure by using the common combination of keyboards along with mouse to basically control everything being setup in this outing.

Having that RPG element being used, means that players basically only need to click several available slots when they're on the battlefield. Since it's an action hack and slash type, players can just use every available action buttons to produce their characters' skills or simply attack their enemies to beat them. Just as it was explained for the castle defense moment, gamer will now switch role in a much more passive attitude as they try to stop intruders from looting their castle. Aside from battling, during the defense setup, gamer can also use every traps they previously setup and should players have enough gold, they can just get some summon monsters to help them out.

In this game, aside from making improvement on their castle, gamer can also customized their character's gears, either using some of the items they earned or purchasing them. Unfortunately, some of the sale stuffs being provided by the game developer are quite expensive and often requires real money to make things easy. Although gamer can still finish this outing without spending their cash on unique items, but that rewarding element that can often be seen in other Online games is something that usually interest many gamer.

Fortunately, this game is being set in a much more comedic, fun fashion, so there's an air of fun being presented by Ubisoft to attract avid online gamer lovers. The strong PvP aspect which is being introduced can also be considered as one of its main strength aside from that basic dual gaming premise that is being set as The Mighty Quest for Loot's gaming image. Combining a hack and slash along with Tower Defense is still a pretty uncommon style in this modern online gaming era. The potentially low amount of time required in raiding castles might also help gamer, who are usually bored to spent time getting involved in full battle adventure.

Regarding its graphic, The Mighty Quest of Epic Loot do provide a pretty colorful and exciting 3 days world, with strong details on its back ground. The character design is also neat, though it might not really appealing for those who are much more keen on having anime like heroes or titles with such strong story-line. Considering the comedy approach that it seems to be aiming, Ubisoft's decision in setting up this kind of style is admirable.

Although this game do provide many exciting stuffs, especially on its' premise, but there are still several improvement that can further increase its appeal. Such as giving more details for every characters, especially regarding its individual skills or equipment. Still, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot already provide many fun and engaging gaming element that should be more than enough to attract gamer from different types in trying it out. Setting up a more fun/comedic approach can actually capture much wider areas of interest, including from those who might be new in playing out this kind of genre before.

Overall, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a fresh idea which try to provide double excitement for game lovers, especially those who are keen on playing online. Despite still having some negatives, Ubisoft already manage to once again crafted an interesting title which is suitable enough for their basic concept. Being a free-to-play outing also helps increasing its value, though it still giving out that tricky in-game cash, which often 'forced' some gamer to eventually shell out their money out of enthusiasm.

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