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Soldiers Inc

Soldiers Inc Soldier Inc Review Soldier Inc is a free to play browser based strategy game you can play online. The game is available to play as a playable app on Facebook. All you need is a Facebook account to log in and then you can start playing it. Its browser based so you donít need to worry about downloading any of the gameís data first. Once you log in you can start playing the game almost automatically.

Once the game starts, it really does start as there is no cutscene or any character menus for you to wade through. The tutorial starts immediately as your commanding officer gives you the basics of the gameís controls. I do admire the fact that your commanding officer has a voice so you can listen to him. Itís much more engaging than just reading a whole bunch of boring text. Using voice overs really does add more life to a game and adds extra atmosphere.

At its heart, Soldier Inc plays like any other RTS video game. It starts off a bit slow because you have to construct multiple buildings before you can recruit an army. Itís a slow process, but constructing buildings arenít as slow in any RTS games Iíve played. Buildings can be built relatively quickly so you donít have to wait too long to get to the more exciting parts of the game. Still, I wouldnít recommend this game to players that like action as there is little of that here.

In terms of action, there is a little animation in the world map that shows where your troops are going. You can assign them to attack other bases and you will see a tank going to the location you sent them there. Sadly, this is the only type of ďactionĒ you will get to see as the battle ensues without you actually seeing anything. You get a report card at the end which shows you how your troops fared in battle. Most likely some of them will die prompting you to recruit more soldiers.

Much like other RTS games, the opposition can do the same thing and invade your own base. The game can be pretty cool at times when you build your own defenses trying to survive oncoming onslaught. Itís like a game of chess as you have to know what type of attack you have to defend first. If only the game could let you see the action unfold, it would have been more entertaining to play.

Graphically, the game looks gorgeous as itís in full 3D and fully detailed throughout. Itís impressive that graphics like this can be made in a free to play browser-based game. They even have extensive profiles and illustrations for the military units you have too. You can choose to play the game on a fullscreen, or leave it as it is. The game screen itself has a clean design as itís not too cluttered full of buttons like in other games.

Overall, Soldier Inc is a pretty good and entertaining RTS video game. It has very high production values has a faster pace than other RTS games I have played in the past. The game is still lacking in proper action which can be seen as a disappointment to some gamers. Still, itís free to play and very accessible. If you like RTS games and have a Facebook profile, youíll be able to find and play this game easily. Itís worth a try if RTS games are your type of thing.

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