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Zombies Ate My Pizza

Zombies Ate My Pizza Zombies Ate My Pizza: Experiencing a Fun Shooting Game Adventure in Zombie Ate My Pizza. The ongoing popularity of online gaming crafted plenty interesting ideas from game developer to come up with an interesting yet simple MMO titles, such recent browser based outings that have been swamping the net. One of the most consistent companies that developed this type of games is R2Games and continuing their fine work, they recently unleashed another interesting stuff for game lovers a fun looking shooting based outing named, Zombie Ate My Pizza.

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Zombies Ate My Pizza

 Zombies Ate My Pizza at

Click to Play Zombies Ate My Pizza, Post-apocalyptic MMO Action Shooter Game!
Zombies Ate My Pizza Game Review

Just like its title, this game is being setup in a post-apocalyptic theme where human world is being invaded by zombies who somehow think that remaining survivals are pizza that they can consume.

In order to restore peace, gamer must fight their way as part of the army who will be receiving several missions which basically set themselves in freeing several areas from those living dead's influence. Having a pretty humorous theme, doesn't necessarily means this game is far from being fun and serious as game lovers can certainly capture that apocalypse-shooting experience that they can discover in similar genre. However, unlike those much more serious titles, Zombie Ate My Pizza can be considered less frightening and leaning more into arcade shooting setup instead of a much more survival horror thingy.

Being a browser-based game, players certainly aren't required to download any parts of this to play it as they only need a pretty good internet connection before starting their hunt for zombies. Before starting things out, players must create a gaming account, which can also be done via social media such as Facebook or Google account. After choosing their preferable server, game lover are being provided with an option to chose which class they're keen on, since there's only two options(Commando and Bomber), there shouldn't be much complication for it. In Zombie Ate My Pizza, game lover can also pick whether they want to play as a male of female characters, since both available class are being provided with two gender options.

Starting out, players will immediately got introduced into the battle style of this MMO shooting title along with its simple gaming control, which is a common combination between WASD keyboards setup along with mouse as the attack button. During every battles, gamer can navigate their hero using the setup keys, while clicking the left mouse pointer to destroy every living dead that comes. Giving further aids for players in their war against zombie, the game also provides personal skills which can be activated by using the numerical keys for aiming and another click of mouse to activate it. A very simple and friendly gaming control which should make things easier for every players, including those who are relatively new to any kind of online gaming genres .

Similar with any MMO games, there's a slight RPG feels into it with that classic character enhancement being provided, where gamer can earn bonus to improve their stats after battle along with receiving gears that can improve themselves. Not only getting bonuses after finishing up any mission being provided, game lovers can also make their in-game purchases, whether through the game currency or using real cash, which can make things much easier. However, those who are not keen on shelling out their cash shouldn't have anything to concern about as they can still finish out this game without spending any dime.

Basically, the game play of Zombie Ate My Pizza is a sort of combination between MMORPG genre along with shooting based game where gamer are being provided with certain mission to clear out several stages. In their journey to finish up that mission, instead of battling in a hack & slash setup or turned-based battle, players are simply embarking on an arcade shooting action style which is pretty fun and far from being complicated, especially in the early stages. Gamer will be facing several zombies along with bosses in certain areas and despite going solo for most of their journey, players won't be outnumbered easily especially if they are able to maximize the available skills that can easily demolished a group of zombie at once.

Although this title seemingly is set in a more PvE setup, but gamer can also interact with other players by joining the guild system which is called Militia in this game. Similar with any guild setup, those who decided to join can acquire several positive stuff, such as Honor and Militia Contribution points that can be useful during their gaming journey . Aside from that, players can also enjoy other interesting features such as World Event along with an exciting PvP duel called Death Match, which both can be accessed after reaching certain level. Before getting themselves into those two events, gamer must pay attention on its schedule as it can't be played at any given time.

Being setup as a browser-based game, Zombie Ate My Pizza is being crafted in a 2D visual setup with rich details and bright color. Although it can be considered spectacular, but the graphic is not something that should disappoint any player, though there are not many options provided for the hero characters, nor there's much customization being provided. Although it can't be considered as a major part of the game, but it would be much fun if R2Games can provide more options to further attract new gamer. Moreover, some players might consider the game play kind of repetitive, especially the battles as aside from a slightly different area design, there are not many variations that players can experience during their fight for freedom.

Overall, despite several minor stuff , Zombie Ate My Pizza is an interesting browser-based MMO that provide that shooting game experience for game lover who might remember classic titles such as Metal Slug or Contra. The odd humor being inserted by R2Games makes it accessible for every kind of game lover as despite having a post-apocalyptic theme, this outing is far from offering any sort of scary survival horror atmosphere. Being a free-to-play outing without any need of saving certain parts of the game, this title is definitely something worth trying for those keen on searching a fun title that they can seriously play or just for passing the time.

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