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Sparta War of Empires

Sparta War of Empires Experiencing historic myth adventure with Sparta: War of Empires : The popularity of Sparta related stories have been increasing in recent years and that situation brought strong interest from renown game developer, Plarium to craft an interesting MMO strategy outing titled, Sparta: War of Empires. Just like its title, this game is being made with a strong element of Greek mythology with Spartan warrior being the main theme of the story where gamer will be taken into that classic time where war between nations in search for gold and glory is a common situation…

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Sparta War of Empires

 Sparta: War Of Empires at aka


Sparta War of Empires game review continues

Being created as a browser based game that can be played on Facebook, Sparta: War of Empires is definitely an accessible outing that gamer can easily pick up. This setup basically means that players won't have to get themselves involved with any complicated situation just to play it. Just by logging into their Facebook account, gamer can immediately start their journey in becoming on of the warrior and ruler of Sparta. However, game lover shouldn't be expecting any detailed characters customization since it's not being set by the game developer, knowing that it's a browser based city-building strategy game which don't really need any of that avatar setup.

Starting things out, gamer will immediately received instruction from the great Leonidas on how to build your small town into becoming a worthy force for Greece in defending themselves from any threats. Gamer will be guided by the mighty king of Spartan to start their gaming adventure by finishing several basic tasks which are required in improving your city. From creating resources for improving the city, gamer will also work their way in arranging strong army which are being divided into offensive, defensive and also spy units.

Many interesting stuff is being placed by Plarium instrong>Sparta: War of Empires game, such as making an agreement with other territory that have strong troops earlier in the game. That along with other interesting element simply make things more interesting, especially for new player who might not be that common with this type of genre. Basically, players shouldn't get much confusion in playing It since there's a clear gaming instruction being provided until a certain phase where players can independently work things out on their kingdom.

The game play of this outing is pretty similar with other MMO strategy titles as players must worked their way in building their city and army while overcoming threats before eventually defeating their enemies. Although, Sparta: War of Empires gives freedom even from the beginning for players to explore any available options, but it's best that they stick in finishing all the requested tasks since that can really help them understand the mechanics of this title.

Just like many Facebook based outing, strong>Sparta: War of Empires also provides a simple and easy gaming control as players only need to use their mouse to complete every command. The battle system also uses more of strategy element, so there's not going to be any live action battles that can be seen in RPG or action type of games. However, setting up the right strategy is definitely important for players to help them during every battles as a victory is always the main goal.

In this outing, the PvP setup is also made available as gamer can challenge other players or computer setup. Aside from getting into trouble with others, players can also make friends and create an alliance with fellow gamer to help each others out in many areas, including doing trades. Trading can be an interesting option in this type of game, as gamer can received many interesting stuff that they might be having some problems in acquiring on their own. Making an agreement with other cities also gives special access to certain building units that gamer might not find on their own, without help for others.

Still, despite many positives that it brings, there's obviously some stuff that can be considered as problems for some, such as the availability of premium currency. This type of currency just like any Facebook games, encourage players to use their real money in getting many bonuses that can help them out during games. Of course those kind of advantages can't be achieved using the game's currency, making things can be rather long and hard for those not keen on paying with their real money. However, gamer shouldn't have too much concern as they can still enjoy this title for free and acquire some interesting stuff as well.

Speaking about graphics, Sparta: War of Empires have an attractive visual for this type of genre as there's solid details being created by Plarium. The interface is also pretty friendly so new players can easily navigate everything without facing many difficulties. Furthermore, the music being implemented in this title also suits very well, making the players' gaming journey much more fun and exciting.

Sparta War of Empires game Rate

Overall, this title is a pretty fun game to try out even for new players, who haven't play this kind of genre before.

Having such simple and friendly atmosphere will surely help many game lovers to try out Sparta: War of Empires as one of their gaming option at Facebook. Despite the huge amount of game available on the social media service, this latest outing from Plarium obviously have a pretty bright potential, since it's pretty appealing, especially for city-building strategy game lover, who might find this title as an interesting challenge.

Sparta: War of Empires Gameplay Video

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