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Mythic Reign

Mythic Reign Experiencing a Fantasy Text-Based Adventure With Mythic Reign game . Fantasy theme never seems to stop providing entertainment for game lovers, that's might be the reason why new titles never stops on arriving from game developer with one of the latest being an interesting text-based MMORPG titled Mythic Reign which was developed by the company with similar name. This title set to take gamer into that fantasy adventure where they will embark on an adventure in conquering a chaotic land while unraveling the story that covers that gaming realm. Despite being a text-based venture, Mythic Reign as a game title try to offer a unique and simple gaming experience that not many RPG lovers have experienced.

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Mythic Reign

 Mythic Reign at aka

Click to Play Mythic Reign , Text Based fantasy role-playing game !

Mythic Reign Game Review

Starting out this game, players will be taken asked to pick a race from several options from the likes of angel, human, vampire and other unique creatures. After completing that simple task and acquiring what kind of character they're keen on players are immediately taken into a rather odd gaming interface which is rather uncommon for any RPG titles. There's a simple setup filled with text along with several game status which at start might looked confusing, but after checking the written tutorials which also served as early quest, gamer should get more clarity in how the game mechanics is being crafted.

This game is somewhat quite similar with any text-based Facebook MMO games that are commonly encounter, but there's a lack of still images being provided on its interface. As it was explained above, the setup is quite simple, more like a novel-kind of game instead of normal RPG. That novel like aura can be felt once gamer start getting into the daily quest, which brought an interesting story line where players are either being asked to chose a path or finishing any duties asked. Having a rather uncommon interface making things quite complicated at first since everything is just full of text, without much icons or exciting images that often brought attraction for this type of genre.

Still, the quest being given especially in the early stage are quite simple and not difficult to complete, though it's advice that players finished off all the required game mechanics instruction. The instruction will not only guide players in getting to know more about Mythic Reign, but also setting up all available stats for their character, which can make their journey in the store much more easier. This outing provides many steps for players to improve their hero, so gamer should really pay an attention on what they should be doing.

The adventure can be done either during their story quest or personal mission which albeit kind of weird, but might have some interesting element since things can be quire random. Another supposedly exciting moment that many RPG games are battles, but on Mythic Reign, things might not look that glamorous since after all it's purely text-based outing . Basically, to have a big chance in beating any of their opponents, gamer must be well equipped whether itís through weapons, armors or character's level as all will play a part in determining the success in every fights.

Despite being a full text-based outing, Mythic Reign still managed to setup a social and PvP setting for gamer, as there's a live chat, which can help players interact with one and another. There's also the classic one on one fights against other players, which can be done off line as gamer are allowed to challenge anyone who are registered. Obviously it's well advised to pick opponent who are in the same level, instead of testing luck against stronger ones. Winning those battles can help players improving their current level, which also connected with their ability to unlock gears and improving their skills.

Gaming control is not something that should be discussed a lot in this outing since players only need to use their mouse in executing any moves. There's nothing complicated at all, though perhaps acknowledging which part to do next is quite intriguing since the interface is not something that any RPG lovers, are commonly experienced with. Gamer can find normal stats that are available in any Role Playing stuff, with practically similar function as well, so even if they might have some issue with the instruction, gamer can easily understand what they should be doing. Similar with Facebook type MMORPG, Mythic Reign also uses energy as the basic for gamer to do any of their gaming activities, so they must pay attention on it before enjoying their journey. Finishing certain task can earn players some token though which can also be trade for acquiring more energy.

This title obviously don't have any special visual nor still images that could attract any gamer, unless they consider landscape views as an interesting thing to look at. However, there's still some basic RPG element being provided along with novel-like story line, which can somewhat capture any of that role playing feel that might not strongly felt by looking at Mythic Reign interface. Fortunately, gamer might not require enormous amount of time to get things rolling as they won't be running out of energy quite easily on this title and enhancing stats doesn't seem to take much time either. Having a non slow game pace it's quite important indeed for this title since without much entertaining modern gaming element that can be discovered, unraveling stories along with enhancing characters are things that can still attract RPG lovers in investing their time. However, those who doesn't have much interest in role playing genre might be having some difficulties in getting into this outing, since there isn't much attraction for them. Still, for those who are keen on experiencing a simple text-based adventure and keen on enjoying fantasy stories, playing this free browser based title might not be a bad option.

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