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Knights Fable

Knights Fable Knights Fable is a free to play fantasy-based MMORPG that you can play online. Itís a browser based game so you donít need to have huge specifications in order to play it. Knights Fable game runs quite well and should be playable on almost any computer. It doesnít take too long to load either which is always good for everyone. The last thing gamers need is long loading times for a small browser-based title.

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Knights Fable

 Knight's Fable at aka

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Knights Fable Game Review

You start off in Knights Fable choosing the type of class and character you want to play as for the entire game. There are four classes in total, each with a preset character assigned to them. The first pick is a Knight who is a huge blonde guy wielding a sword. After that you have the Magi who is a young girl with pink hair and a staff. After her is the Fighter which is a skinnier blonde guy who looks like an Elf of some sort. He also wields some sort of sword much like the Knight. At last we then have the Spiritus who is another young girl with pink hair and a staff as well. Once you have made your choice, you give the character a name before starting the actual game.

The game immediately starts loading up with a great soundtrack that plays in the background. I must say, the music in the game is nice to listen to and it also adds some much needed atmosphere. The music is also appropriate for Knight Fableís fantasy like setting. I always like to hear music in games since it can be quite boring playing a game in silence. Several free to play games donít have music so itís nice a game like Knights Fable had enough money to add decent tunes.

Much like every other game, Knights Fable starts off with a tutorial. The game isnít all that complicated to play mainly because this is a game that is click heavy. Itís one of those MMORPG games where you donít need a map to know where you are going. You just need to click the link on your quest window and your character will start travelling by her/him to the destination automatically. Needless to say, the game is quite fast paced which is the style I like when it comes to a free to play video game.

In terms of combat, Knights Fable is all automated as you donít get a chance to control anything. Your character just starts attacking by her/him while you just stop and stare and witness the action unfold. Itís not as fun just witnessing simulated combat, but at least you can actually see the characters fight. The animation in fights look pretty decent as special effects can be seen and meaty sound effects accompany every blow that is delivered. Still, I would have liked a more turn-based style of combat so the player can actually get involved in the game play in some fashion. Even if more characters join your party, you donít have any control of them during battle.

Graphically, Knights Fable is great to look at as the 2D style of graphics is animated with perfection. The character models are awesomely designed as the men and beasts all look huge and menacing. The women in this game all look great too, whether if theyíre with the good guys or not. Every female look gorgeous and stunning which would appeal to lots of male gamers Iím sure. The environments look great too as your character will travel and fight in various locations that all look different yet beautiful in their own way.

Overall, Knights Fable is a very fun and enjoyable MMORPG video game. If youíve played similar games in the past, this game is sure to appeal to you as well. The graphics and character models all look great and the game play is fast and easy to get accustomed to. The only real downside is that the combat is all automated, but thatís only a minor gripe to what is a really good game. Not to mention itís free so you can try to see if itís your cup of tea without hurting your own wallet.

Knight's Fable Gameplay Video

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