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Zombies Monsters Robots

Zombies Monsters Robots Zombies Monsters Robots is an intense, third person shooter that pits players against an unexpected assortment of enemies, environments, and game modes. Enter a war against monstrous enemies that will stop at nothing to see the end of mankind. This is the world of ZMR. IMMERSIVE THIRD-PERSON ACTION Don't just stand there! Dynamic cover, blind fire, dodging, and active reload systems make firefights strategic and engaging. MUCHOS, MUCHOS ENEMIES! From the undead, to cyborgs, the supernatural, to mutants, to rival corporations,prepare for anything to pop up in your sights.

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Zombies Monsters Robots

 Zombies, Monsters, Robots at aka

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Zombies Monsters Robots: Experiencing Intense Shooting Battle

Shooting type of game has always been one of the few popular genre that also receives many popularity in the online gaming realm. Trying to further explore that opportunity, game developer, Yinpie Games, collaborating with En Masse as publisher crafted an exciting title which somewhat combine many villains in most games into one which is called, Zombies Monsters Robots. This rather uncommon title is hoping to attract game lovers as they offer the chance in battling against all of those three villains and hunt them alone or with their friends.

This game itself is being set in an alternate universe, where human's life is under a great danger due to a sort of portal that apparently attracted those vicious cross dimensional creatures into earth. Basically gamer will be acting as warrior that are hunting those dangerous enemies and eventually saving the world from chaos. Starting out, players can find themselves being provided with a pretty wide range of options for character customization, so they can comfortably choose what kind of features they're keen on seeing from their hero. Aside from several facial structure, players can also modify hair styles, costumes and even picking up voice over selection, so gamer can feel more excitement while playing this outing.

Zombies Monsters Robots Gameplay

Just like many other third person shooting venture, Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR)'s game play is about completing available mission which will not only help gamer achieving glory but also acquiring several required items. Being an online game, this title obviously offer both PvE and PvP features for gamer which they can choose while preparing themselves in the game's lobby. For the PvE setup, players can cooperate with others in eliminating any available foes, while during PvP, they obviously must compete against each other. It's quite entertaining, especially since the boss battle of this game can be very challenging, notably when gamer are working with each others as solid cooperation is definitely required in defeating the enemy.

Game Controls and Graphics

Regarding the game's control, ZMR is not that different from other games with similar genre as players will be needing a combination of keyboard and mouse for it. Aside from common WASD setup, players can also use other keys, notably E button along with space bar which will be very important to use during this outing. Mouse clicking is mainly being used for shooting enemies and also controlling the players' sighting during battle, which is somewhat significant since a clear sight can often help defeating opponents. There shouldn't be much confusion for gamer regarding the control as the developer also provides a quick tutorial early on, so even those who are new to this type of genre can get their grasp on it.

Making things more exciting, the game's developer also setup different difficulty system for the PvE setup so gamer can challenge themselves, giving that potential addictive gaming element. Players are also being encourage to keep their gears upgraded as enemies can get tougher as the game goes. Gamer can spent all the currency they earn during each battles and spent them on all kinds of weapon they are keen on having. However, since aside from players' basic starting guns are being set permanent, they must be cautious in choosing what they will buy. There's obviously the opportunity in using real cash and acquire more advantage in terms of gear, but those who are not keen on spending out their dime won't make this as an option.

The graphic for this outing is quite good, though it might not have something extra special such as what online gamer normally discover in MMORPG titles, but for a shooting type of outing, ZMR manage to provide something appealing enough. This game is also pretty fast paced, especially for its PvP setup, so players won't be forced to sit and wait for hours before getting themselves available to battle again. Moreover, this title is being set in a competitive manner, so gamer will feel such pleasure in playing it especially when they are battling against each other.

Zombies Monsters Robots Final Verdict

However, there isn't much addition being brought in by the developer regarding its game play, somehow creating a rather dull moment at times. The auto kick setup can also upset some gamer as in some modes, players can easily get ejected from the game should none of their comrades revives them in battlefield. Those condition somewhat making this outing rather disappointing for some, who are expecting something more, since the developer did craft a unique premise with their unique theme of fighting against zombies, robots and monsters all in one package.

Despite some of those minor points, ZMR can still be considered as a good option for game lover, who are keen on experiencing an interesting shooting game theme. The fun co-op setup along with epic boss battle can challenge any game lover to push their gaming quality in defeating any enemies both in PvE or PvP mode. Being a free-to-play outing, those who love this kind of gender might want to try out this latest title from En Masse and get themselves ready for some intense battle against all amusing villains that we mostly see in Hollywood movies.

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