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Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online Black Gold Onlineb is An Exciting Combination of Steampunk and Fantasy MMORPG. Having a relatively success attempt in crafting an exciting martial art word into MMORGP in Age of Wushu, Snail Games returned with another promising idea by combining Steampunk and Fantasy realm into one unity in a game titled, Black Gold Online. This uncommon idea of collaborating two different themes in one RPG showcasing the creativity of Snail Games as an attempt in offering something new for every MMORPG enthusiasts, who might be craving for something different from what they normally experienced in other titles with similar genre.

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Black Gold Online

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Black Gold Online Game Review

As an RPG outing, Black Gold Online do have its intriguing storyline where there's a never ending battle between two completely different factions, Isenhorst along with Elendir. The previous is more of a future western style society which mostly uses advanced technology such as Steampunk machines. Meanwhile, the latter is that common fantasy land which uses natural resources such as magic, beasts, wizards and other classic stuff. Apparently there's a strong rivalries between those factions as one and another doesn't seem to fond of each others, thus create a never ending war between them.

Having two different factions, basically allowing gamer to simply choose what kind of realm their keen on experiencing between Isenhorst and Elendir. Those who are much more into modern machines, they can choose to go with Isenhorst and enjoying that Steampunk era where things are very mechanics. Meanwhile, those who happens to be someone who appreciate classic fantasy element should just pick in being part of Elendir as gamer will experience all of those magical stuff they normally seen in many famous RPG titles.

At the start, just like in Age of Wushu, Black Gold Online also providing a pretty wide range of options for character's customization, so players can craft a unique hero which should their personal taste. During that moment of creation, gamer are also asked to pick which faction they're keen on along with the races and also classes. There's apparently four options for races from each factions, while players can also pick from nine available classes that despite having different names are basically the same in terms of function. However, unlike on Age of Wushu, there isn't much other customization available aside during that character creation since once gamer already decided their class, everything is being set on a linear setup path.

The basic game play of this outing isn't much different with other MMORPGs where players are being provided with quests in which they must finish to unravel all the mystery of the game's story. For some players who are used to play this type of genre will definitely feel similar feel or even kind of disappointing as they might just expect something different considering such grand theme that Black Gold offers. However, that original quests of finishing tasks can still offer some interesting adventure for gamer, especially those who are still quite new to this genre. In addition to the normal questing system, there's also exploration opportunities being implemented in this outing as players can simply hover around slightly away from the liner mission to find hidden caves or dungeons that are being kept hidden until one of the players managed to discover it.

Black Gold Online has an interesting battle system as it's a sort of hybrid between live action along with point and clicking style, some adaptation might be required early on, but gamer can discover some fun in trying it out. There's probably just slight different feel in terms of combat between gamer who chooses Isenhorst to those picking Elendir, but the basic function remains similar, so there's no need to think that one faction will have more advantage during PvP battles. The gaming control is still quite common as it uses both keys along with mouse function, so once again it's not something that can cause much trouble for online gaming lovers.

Graphic can be considered as one of the neat part of Black Gold Online as this outing offer an interesting visual along with fine characters design that should be pleasing enough for gamer. Although it might not be the best that players can experience in MMORPG, but it's still an exciting views that often triggered gamer to just wander around and enjoying the graphic scenery that they can find. Both worlds are being described in an excellent fashion, providing that different characteristic of two factions that have major differences. The nice combination of music that flows sweetly while playing also brought more exciting feel for gamer who values visualization quite high in online gaming.

The PvP options also quite plenty as this game offers several options that gamer can pick based of their personal preference such as, The Balanced Arena, Bloodfang Citadel or Energy Wells, which all offers different kinds of fun. Gamer can also interact with others in this outing as this type of game always provide that social element, though at times players might get themselves so much into playing instead of interacting with others. There's obviously many features being offered by this game, not just for the PvP setup as there's also mounting system, pet, crafting and many more stuff that gamer can do aside from finishing their linear quests.

Another unique system that Black Gold Online also offering is the payment setup called, Sands of Time, which is quite odd and uncommon as it sort of asked gamer to pay for the loot they acquired during their gaming journey. However, there's always two free Sands of Time exchanges time in a day, giving those who refused to use real cash that chance in acquiring their loot without paying anything. Still, it can be quite confusing method, especially for those who already used up their session, so this setup can be considered as one of the minus point in this title.

Overall, Black Gold Online is definitely an interesting title for MMORPG lovers who are keen on experiencing something new, especially in terms of theme. This outing also offer plenty features, class and many fun stuff that can easily keep gamer sticking around for quite some time, especially with its pretty graphic. However, there's obviously some drawback that can be a hurdle for some players, notable because of its' odd in game charging setup along with a rather boring quests setup. Still, those who want to experience a unique combination of two different themes in an MMORPG should probably give this title a try.

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