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Lady of the Castle Dating Sim

Dating Sim Lady of the Castle Jet another dating sim about a lady named Elise, princess that lives in the castle, but t has to deal with an impending arranged marriage. The dating sim also features: a maid, caring cousin, and aloof tutor. And of course, the fiancee. More of a visual novel format with six endings. What distinguishes this dating sim game from others, is the art style. Most visual novels and dating sims use a very slick art style so the rough, painterly appearance was refreshing. The characters are were nice build , and all but the "Unhappy Marriage" ending were incredibly sweet. With a game so centred on atmosphere and character development, to have it without music or sound effects makes it difficult to follow what the atmosphere feels like for the characters.

Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
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Lady of the Castle Dating Sim

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