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Archlord 2

Archlord 2 Experiencing Intensive PvP Action with Archlord 2 . An interesting set of MMORPG battle is being offered by Webzen as they provided an MMORPG outing which that put more focus on PvP battle instead of common PvE setup. That interesting game is 'Archlord 2', supposedly a continuation from its' previous title, but in truth this second installment can be considered as a stand alone product, since gamer can basically enjoy it without having to know anything about the first title. This game will once again take game lover into fantasy world where there is intense battle between human against orcs, a pretty common war theme in online RPG titles.

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Archlord 2

Archlord 2 at aka

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Archlord 2 Game Review

Just as it was previously explained, in this title player are being taken into a common war between good and evil which is being represented by two factions, Azzuri along with Crunn. The previous is representing light which basically being presented with human race, while the latter is what supposedly be the evil clan that are being occupied by orc. Gamer are being given the opportunity in choosing between those two available factions before starting their gaming journey and setup what kind of character they're keen on playing with.

There's still some things that gamer can do during character creation straight after picking their faction and races, as they also need to pick what main weapon they are keen on wielding. Although as the game goes, players can basically combine and use many different type of weaponry, but only those that have specific characteristics as the main one that can help gamer letting out their hero's passive skills. Weapon are very essential indeed in Archlord 2 as this game offer players the chance to actually switch around their fighting style as everyone can turn from melee into healer or tank, just by switching their battling gear.

Being a game that supposedly focusing more on PvP action, gamer will obviously given many fun setup that allows them battling against or with other players, such as the epic 200 v 200, battling in dungeons and many other stuff. However, that doesn't mean that Archlord 2 will completely erase PvE environment as there's still that gaming setup, especially in the early part of game as low level players will need to improve their hero's stats and acquired better gifts that should help them when the time comes for some PvP action. In most of the features, players are being required to fulfill different requirements before being able to join the party. Another addition explanation regarding this game's still provide game with many quests that they can do, especially during early stages to keep exciting from start to the end.

Battle system for this outing is being set in an action RPG style where gamer can immediately interact with their enemies in the battlefield and attacking them using combination of control keys along with mouse. Instead of the control, things that gamer should be paying more attention in terms of battle are about weapon usage since it plays an essential part to determine their victories in every battle. Just as it was slightly explained above, gamer can actually wield many different types of arms, but they must carefully acknowledge its effectiveness along with the method that can improve its skills. That way players can use many useful techniques during battles.

Regarding the gaming control, this outing incorporate keyboard functions along with mouse function, which is quite common as it sets up WASD keys that are normally used in any MMORPG. This normal setup supposedly won't be making any gamer having any difficulties in managing it as even those who are still new with this type of game can feel an immediate ease. Moreover, its' fun skill buttons also add that positive point for this game's control setup as many titles often provide additional difficulties in accessing those buttons, but Archlord's developer apparently acknowledge this simple issue and create a flashy icons that only required simple activation step.

Talking more about its graphic, this outing is being set in a 3D realm, somewhat similar with The Lord of the Rings Online, with that fantasy setting being brought up. The characters design are quite interesting, though there's not much different in terms of basic style with many MMORPG, but it's still being worked in quite detailed fashion. The environment is quite smooth as well so those who are keen on seeing cool visual stuff won't be feeling much disappointment, though it might not be the best graphic they can get from an online RPG games.

Aside from having many PvP features that should entertain game lover who are keen on this kind of setup, Archlord 2 also offer many interesting stuff. One that might also caught many attention is the varied methods that players can use in enhancing their hero, which is by improving their weapon. The interesting way of leveling up weapon being offered in this outing is by doing last hit method. This basically means that should gamer are keen on increasing certain weapon's stats, that one must be used as the one to kill their enemies. Another interesting setup is regarding the PVE quest which is quite comfortable as players can actually redo their mission and received much bigger reward without having to experience more difficulties.

Although this outing might have some limitations, especially in terms of options for characters and not having many PvE surroundings . Archlord 2 is still a quite interesting game that should attract attention from online RPG lover, especially those who are keen on experiencing a fully committed PvP outing. In all, this game is definitely something that worthy enough to try out, as it does offer many exciting gaming features that could trigger that addictiveness for everyone.

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