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Saccharine A misleading sim date

Dating Sim Saccharine A misleading sim date This Dating sim game was written to commemorate original brother grim type of Fairy tales, and with more than 24000 words, it has only one ending for each character, plus 1 bad ending and 1 crack ending.You will a Branwen, an diabolic and moraless girl whose guardian is wanted as a serial killer. One year ago, Branwen's guardian was critically wounded and slumped into an unconscious slumber. Penniless, exhausted and sick of fleeing from the authorities with a unconcious grown man stuck in a trunk, Branwen arrives at Cadille, a kingdom know for making cakes. But luckily for her, the prince of Cadille is hosting a ball at the end of the month to pick a potential bride. If Branwen manages to seduce the prince by that time, she would gain the ultimate protection for her and her guardian. Unfortunately, things don't go quite as planned. ESENTIALLY, THIS A FAIRYTALE WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF CAKES.... Dominicus- the captain of the Cadille guard. A rude man with a penchant for alcohol. Has the temper of a angst ridden teenager. Branwen- the heroine. Her sweet and pretty exterior hides a practical and calculating mind. To keep her guardian safe, she is wililng to do anything. Prince Ivan: The sucker that Branwen is trying to seduce. A textbook example of a prince charming. Isador: Branwen's guardian and wanted serial killer. A calm, practical and somewhat stale man, Branwen only learned of his atrocities when his wanted sign was stuck on the side walk.

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Saccharine A misleading sim date

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