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Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier Dead Frontier is the ultimate survival horror MMORPG game ,find your way in life as you struggle for survival in a zombie infested city.Log in and play with thousands of real players from around the globe.

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Dead Frontier

 Dead Frontier at aka

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Experiencing Rare Survival Horror Theme in Dead Frontier Continues

Being one of the most popular genre in recent times, survival horror theme surprisingly is a rare breed in the MMO world. Taking advantage of the potentially wide open market, Creaky Corpse, decided to publish an interesting outing which combines role playing element along with survival horror theme into one element titled, Dead Frontier. This rare type of genre for online game realm, offers a refreshing theme indeed for game lovers, as they can definitely experience that scary yet exciting gaming journey which normally being played in consoles.

Just as what many gamer normally encounter in survival horror, Dead Frontier is set to provide similar kind of experience but in a much wider environment as players can interact with others aside from battling AI controlled monsters. The basic mission of this outing is somewhat simple as gamer are being asked to hunt down zombies in the city while collecting available loot. Obviously, being incorporated with role playing element, players will also found different jobs (classes) which each have different stats and ability that can be used during the game. That job function also allows gamer to provide their service or goods in the market and earned cash, trading stuff with others or simply using it for their own sake.

The market in Dead Frontier is being set in a rather uncommon fashion as there's no NPC stores being provided, so everything is being decided by gamer itself. Being a player driven market, gamer should really pay attention on the strength of their character and what they can offer for themselves of others. It might not be easy to get something important from the market early on, considering that prices are being set by players themselves, things can be costly early on with everyone keen on getting profit. However, there's no need to worry since at the beginning, it's best for gamer to acquire their need via looting from enemies or throughout their adventure.

This game's story line actually is not too different with other titles with similar genre since it's basically tells about a survival attempt in facing post apocalyptic world which is currently being overrun by dangerous zombies. Gamer are actually being given the option to make customization for their hero character, albeit there isn't much nor detailed changes that can be made, but it's still a positive feature. Just as it was briefly explained above, Dead Frontier also provides players with jobs or classes, approximately there are 20 professions that can be chosen and each possessed its own pluses and minuses.

Being a survival horror outing, the battle system for this title is basically an action and shooting based as players can immediately attack their enemies without having to wait for specific turn. One thing that gamer should remember though, being a browser based outing, Dead Frontier isn't exclusively being played in a live action mode as this title also have that text-image based setup. So, players will be going back and forth from their text-menu into that war zone realm where they're expected to hunt zombies along with items. Unfortunately, there isn't any formal gaming tutorial being provided as starter, so new gamer will be forced to experience trial and error at first.

The control for this outing is a common combination between mouse along with usual WASD and arrow keys which is being used during their adventure in town and battling enemies. Obviously, during the image-text setup, mouse is the main controller, but once players embarking themselves into the dark troubled city, they can start using that normal game combo between mouse and snapping buttons. There's a menu that explained about the control being used in this outing, so new gamer can memorize it and learn what should they should be doing when exploring the city or facing zombies.

Aside from having a nice social interaction features with its open market setup, Dead Frontier also provide gamer with the usual PvP option, so they can compete with others as well. This surely gives some pleasure for online game lovers, who consider battling against others as an important piece of any MMO. One thing for sure, Creaky Corpse are trying hard to craft this rather rare breed of theme in MMO realm by putting every possible element of survival horror, but without forgetting any of the measurement for online game.

Graphic wise, being set in both 2D and 3D atmosphere, this game's visual is enjoyable enough, though gamer shouldn't expect anything spectacular considering it's a browser based outing. Moreover, having that image-text based element, basically means that the developer are not planning to create any spectacular graphic. Still, the background effects along with sound were more than able to capture that creepy situation which any players are expecting out of a survival horror game. Unfortunately, despite having plenty jobs or classes as options, the character creation remains quite minimum, not allowing game lover to create a different hero from others.

Overall, Dead Frontier is definitely a title that offer an interesting option for MMO lover as it's decision to incorporate survival horror along with role playing element brought something fresh and quite rare. Although it's far from being perfect, this game is heading towards the right path in opening ways for more developer to use survival horror as theme for online games. Despite still having repetitive game play and considerably lack of features compared to other online gaming ventures with different genre, but being a rare breed, this title can attract interest from MMO lovers who are craving for some zombies hunting.

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