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Doom Warrior

Doom Warrior Doom Warrior is an arena-based combat RPG where you take the role of a savage barbarian. This game is an ultimate barbaric gladiator arena MMO game. Slaughter your way through an array of vicious opponents while gaining riches and power in action MMORPG game Doom Warrior.

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Doom Warrior

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Enjoying Gladiator Like Battlefield in Doom Warrior

An interesting concept for MMORPG is being brought by Creaky Corpse in a game titled, Doom Warrior which inserted one on one fighting system into role playing venture, creating an interesting combination. On this outing, players are being taken into a barbaric kind of realm where they must fight for their live against others in a gladiator like battle arena. Gamer basically are being taken into many battles in conquering several arenas to unlock the game's storyline, before continuing their adventure in gaining supremacy among other players in that outing.

On Doom Warrior, gamer can do some character modification to create the kind of warrior they like, including choosing the gender of their fighter. After crafting what kind of hero they're keen on, players can immediately start their adventure by entering the most modest Arena they can play at, trying to overcome every enemy available, before climbing higher in facing much tougher challenges. Just like common RPG, one of these game main traits is enhancing players' hero character by acquiring battle points, improving gears to become much stronger in challenging for becoming the best warrior.

The battle in this outing doesn’t only happen between players, but gamer must also face NPC enemies, including each arena's bosses not only to acquire bonuses but also continuing their gaming journey. Apart from giving that gladiator like atmosphere, Doom Warrior also offer exciting, simple and creative battle setup where gamer can really enjoy their fighting experiences, since that's basically what they'll mostly do in this outing. Moreover, to provide something uncommon, Creaky Corpse, set Mercy or Execution feature which is being provided after a gamer wins their battle. Both of those options have certain kind of effects in the game, as executing too many times, especially when fighting against other players or clan, might cause some retribution trouble.

Meanwhile, when battling against boss, despite earning more bonuses when executing, but doing that will also make those main villain leveling up, so when gamer set off to battle against those monster, things could get more difficult. That's why gamer should pay an attention before choosing whether they want to give mercy or execute their enemies in every battles . As for the battle control, players will be using keyboard buttons to control their character, but it's not some complicated combination as gamer only using normal arrow and WASD keys. Gamer can just press certain buttons to attack or using special abilities, with the main purpose is reducing opponent's health bar.

Interaction with other players in this title isn't being exclusively set on PvP battles, but also in Clan system where gamer can join forces with others to compete in weekly league competition. This setup brought an interesting set of fun atmosphere along with earning important battle points that helps players earning many important stuff such as dark stones, grand rune and unlocking ancient artifact.

Those special rewards can be gained by gamer who have highest amount of battle points in weekly rankings and member of clans that also finished first in the Arena ranking. The plus point of this league setup for players is that it only meet up gamer in certain level, so there won't be too many difference in strength in the battle.

Noting that the game developer is keen on setting up a fair battle between gamer, an important means in increasing ones' strength is by grabbing powerful equipment. Having a top class gear can even help players acquiring special abilities, which can be used during any battles. Moreover, there's also special weapons or gear that can be combine with runes to provide extra stat bonus for gamer. Another important piece that can help gamer enhancing their hero's stats or skills is artifact, which can be earn by completing certain tasks. Those are just some of the fun features that gamer can enjoy during by playing Doom Warrior, so it won't just solely focusing on battling at Arenas.

Regarding the game's control, as it was previously stated, gamer is set to use keypads during battle as it makes things much easier since gamer will mostly embark in one and one battles. As for the graphic, it might not something spectacular nor enchanting like several MMORPG titles, but Doom Warrior is more than capable in providing that battlefield image. So, despite not creating any attractive characters, game lover shouldn't feel any trouble since it's something that can be expected considering the theme of this outing.

This game is certainly a refreshing theme for MMORPG, as albeit not actually something that has never been done, but this kind of setup provides a quite different atmosphere in playing this genre. Gamer who are much more into fighting games, can also try and enjoy the experience being offered in this title, especially those who might have affection towards gladiator kind of combat. The simple gaming control used during battles, along with some nice features is certainly something positive that can be enjoyed by players who are trying out this title.

Obviously, not every RPG lover can enjoy this type of game, especially those who are more keen on experiencing classic questing which is common with this genre. Gamer who pays lots of attention in pretty visuals or attractive characters, might also finding it hard to get attracted to Doom Warrior. However, if they are interested in refreshing their MMORPG feel with something that is not common, this title is surely something worth trying.

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