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Call of Alliance

Call of Alliance Call of Alliance is new epic game of 2014, super fun RPG game real-time fantasy MMORPG that transports players to ancient continents and challenges them to create their own legend.

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Call of Alliance

 Call of Alliance at aka

Click to Play Call of Alliance,Free to Play Browser-based Fantasy MMORPG and turn-based RPG Game !

Enjoying Classic Fantasy Tale in Call Of Alliance

Fantasy story tale has always been dubbed as an interesting theme for RPG type since fans of that genre mostly keen on experiencing the classic atmosphere which normally being offered. This is what probably triggered Game321(NGames) to publish an interesting MMORPG titled, Call Of Alliance, which is set in that medieval fantasy realm filled with lovely world, enchanting creatures, exciting battles and many other fascinating scenes that one can sometime sees in epic movies. Albeit having a rather odd title, this game do provide all of those fun role playing element that can often be seen at other games with similar genre.

Call Of Alliance's story revolves around that medieval time where human along with other fantasy creatures, such as elves, dwarfs, ogres and others were living in such peaceful time. However, that moment was eventually interrupted when Devil Solon Ergoth starting to invade the central land, creating darkness all over the realm, making every creatures living in a state of fear. Fighting back that evil lord and freeing the land from the tyrant control will be players' ultimate mission in this outing. This title also offer freedom for gamer to enjoy the gaming world and expand any of their ideas in becoming what kind of hero in that game.

Starting things out, gamer will first be taken in the character creation setup in which they are given the option to choose from three available classes which is also being divided in gender. Basically players can either pick whether they are more interested in becoming the male or female version of Gladiator, Archer or Mage, each of them offer different pluses and minuses, so gamer are advice to pick the one suitable with their playing preference. Unfortunately, there isn't much modification that can be made in terms of basic setup for the hero, so players who are keen creating a different character might not be excited with this option.

Similar with other MMORGP titles, Call Of Alliance's game play is basically about finishing mission or quest being provided for gamer which is directly related with the main story line. Aside from completing the required missions, gamer can also embark on completing several gaming features such as, Great Voyage, Elite Challenge, Monster Lair, Tower of Despair and many more. Those interesting gaming features each offers further excitement for gamer, aside from providing that needed rewards which can be used to build the player's hero. That setup doesn't require many conditions though aside from being automatically effective after gamer reaching certain level in that outing.

This outing is also being set in a simple kind of way as not only proving the regular auto pathing system which can easily guide players in seeking and completing their regular mission, the battle is also a rather automatic one. Gamer can make any kind of setup or preparation before battling, but once they got into that fighting zone, players can't make their own moves. That's why enhancing their character along with crafting the best formation with available heroes is essential for players in winning any battles. Giving a further explanation, after reaching level 10, can start adding heroes as their battle companion, so aside from improving their own character's stats, players are also advised to enhance any of their battle partners.

Not only able to call up several heroes, during battle, players will also be accompanied with a goddess, to further aid them in defeating any enemies. That's not just the only help that gamer can acquire while playing this outing as after reaching level 18, they can also activate the mount system and earn themselves a strong beast which can help them in defeating others. Moreover, another interesting feature which players can enjoy on Call Of Alliance is having a wing from many types that can enhance their appearance along with providing additional boost for players' main hero.

Gaming interaction that Call Of Alliance's developer crafted isn't only focused on PvP as players can also build relation with other players by joining or forming clans, adding others as friends manually and chatting with them during games. This kind of system is always nice since gamer won't just be thinking about battling each others in PvP while playing this MMORPG. Creating a certain group can always help players in finishing mission or acquiring much important stuff in that game.

The graphic display of this outing is quite lovely, with fine character design that shouldn't disappoint game lovers who pays a lot of attention in visual. However, lack of options in modifying the character early on, is not a positive point indeed, though gamer can still do some small modification during game by enhancing armors, weapons or adding wings. Being a free to play game, the visualization along with design that Call Of Alliance offers can already be considered good enough as albeit not being spectacular on that aspect, it's not bad either.

Having many interesting gaming features added with a simple setup certainly make Call Of Alliance a quite attractive gaming option, especially for MMORPG lover all over the globe. However, the loading requirement each time players getting into certain area or about to embark in battle, can be quite annoying at times. Moreover, not every gamer are actually keen on having such as simplicity, especially when enjoying this role playing genre. However, overall for a free to play outing, this title already able to give many positive gaming experience, not just for RPG maniac, but even those who are quite new in playing this kind of genre.

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