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Conquest of Champions

Conquest of Champions Conquest of Champions, from the creators of PoxNora, is a great free-to-play tactical strategy and CCG game. Collect ing your cards, configure armies and defeat your enemies by summoning powerful creatures, casting devastating power spells and controlling ancient structures.

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Conquest of Champions

 Conquest of Champions at aka

Click to Play Conquest Of Champions, Perfect Blend Of Collectible Card Games And Tactical Warfare Game!

Conquest of Champions Review

Conquest of Champions is a free to play collectible card video game, with a tactical warfare twist to its combat. The game blends the addictive nature of trading card games and mixes it with the fun of turn-based RPG style of gameplay. As a result of this, you will have a unique experience while playing this game.

Game Info

Conquest of Champions is not a browser-based game as you will need to download the game data first to install it. The game is playable on both PC and Mac computers. You can either download the game on the official website, or via Steam. The game is only around 300MB to 400MB in file size and the system requirements arenít that high. You shouldnít have a hard time playing this game as itís just a trading card game after all.

Conquest of Champions loads pretty fast after you have installed the game fully. The first thing you have to do is complete the tutorial which gives you all the basics to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.


The premise of the game is simple as it is like a virtual presentation of chess in a way. There are two main heroes on the combat field that act like the Queens. One half of the battlefield is the player, while the other half is occupied by the enemy.

Littered throughout the battlefield are shrines that you have to protect. Shrines and mines produce resources for you to use. You need resources in able to use cards on the battlefield. Cards allow you to use more soldiers to help out your hero. You will need to use a lot of cards as your opposition can grow stronger the more you play the game.

If you lose a shrine, you wonít earn as much resources which prevent you from playing cards. You have to make sure your shrines and mines are protected in order to make your Hero feel safe. If youíre main hero and shrine fall, itís game over. In order to win, you have to kill the oppositionís Hero and defeat the main Shrine. When both tasks are achieved, you will win the match.

Your main hero is the most powerful person on the battlefield. They can move quite a bit, although their movements are still limited. You have to position them strategically as the last thing you want to see is your Hero getting ambushed and surrounded by the enemy. Conquest of Champions is also a turn-based video game, so defence is key to winning matches.

Conquest of Championsí combat is very fun as you have a variety of cards that can collect. Different cards have various warriors attached to them. These warriors have different skills and abilities for you to use. It pays to collect as many cards as you can so you can summon a robust and strong army. You can have up to 30 cards in your deck.

PVP Modes and Characters

There are three modes that you can enjoy in Conquest of Champions. This includes the single player campaign, asynchronous PVP and also real-time PVP. The single player campaign is arguably the easiest way to play and practice your skills. Itís pretty hard trying to play against other players as they are usually more skilful and have better cards in their deck.  Conquest of Champions game review screen 1 game review Graphically, Conquest of Champions looks impressive as the variety of characters and special effects give the game a unique appearance. The 3D visuals are impressive and itís cool to see the soldiers and heroes attack in real-time. The overall presentation of the game is immaculate too with great background music and meaty sound effects too. If you like the look of World of Warcraft, youíll love what this game has to offer in terms of its characters and lore.

The only downside to the visuals is probably the lack of different environments that you can play in. There are only three locations that you can fight in the game, which is a pretty low number. Although the game is just a trading card/battle type of video game, so the short number of locations is expected.

What to Expect?

Overall, Conquest of Champions is a fun game as it blends two different genres together. The slick presentation and fun gameplay also make this game very good. If you are into turned-based RPG style of combat and trading card games, you will probably love playing his game. Even if you are not a fan of these genres, this game is pretty good if you can learn the basics.

Conquest Of Champions Gameplay Video

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