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Siege Lord

Siegelord SiegeLord is a new epic MMO Strategy Browser game with medieval elements, perfect for players who loves RTS games. Assembling your strength and army tactics, choosing your faction you will destroy your enemies and take the territories of the Empire in a one epic gear fight on way to owning all of Thieden.

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Siege Lord

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Click to Play Siege Lord, Epic Medieval Browser Based MMO Game!

Siegelord Game Review

Siegelord is a free to play MMORTS that you can play online. It is browser-based so you donít have to worry about downloading any game data or anything of that nature. All you need to do is register your details and then you can start playing on your browser immediately.

Once Siegelord loads, you are given a choice to what faction you want to play as. You can choose to be either the Kingdom of Albio, the Empire of Gorm or the Nord Alliance. All of the factions own a piece of the land, but they are still at war as they want to conquer everything. The factions want to take back what is theirs so they can rule over everyone. Just owning a third of the land is not enough for them.

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Siegelord as a game is not as fun as it sounds. The first thing you have to do is construct multiple dwellings and other buildings. Not only do you have to construct so many dwellings, but you have to upgrade the same buildings you have just built as well. You are basically just seeing buildings get constructed most of the time, which make the gameplay very slow and very boring.

Literally, the first several minutes of playing Siegelors was very uneventful. You are basically just looking at buildings getting constructed and you have to press hammers to speed up the process. Not only that, but sometimes you have to wait until you reach a certain quota before you move on to the next task. One example was that I had to make 600 pieces of gold. Collecting resources is just as mundane as it would be in real life.

The audio in Siegelord is okay, but the background music isnít very long. The music repeats over and over again which can get annoying to listen to after a while. The music is also inconsistent as it turned off for me sometimes. However, Iíd rather have background music than listening to nothing at all. The music is better during combat as it sounds more epic and exciting. Overall, the audio in this game isnít that impressive as they didnít record enough music or sound effects.

Graphically, Siegelord is basic and something that would have looked impressive back in 1999. In 2015 however, the 3D graphics are nothing special. The buildings look nice I guess, but combat is small and uneventful to look at. Itís just a group of soldiers running at each other and you only see them for literally a few seconds. Thereís not much else to do and see in this game, so donít expect to impressed with the visuals.

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You do have a chance to do some combat which is without a doubt the most exciting thing about Siegelord. The combat system is pretty basic, but at least you get a chance to see the action unfold and dictate how your soldiers are to react. There are three types of actions you can assign for your soldiers to do. You can attack the enemy head-on, defend or counter-attack the enemy. You only have ten seconds to make the right decision and the battle ends with only one button press. Itís not that exciting, but itís better than nothing I suppose.

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Sadly, Siegelord is a MMORTS game that neither is fun or engaging. Itís boring as seeing buildings get constructed all the time isnít the definition of an enjoyable video game. Video games are supposed to be entertaining, and not a mundane chore to play. Thankfully the game is free to play so you donít have to pay to play it. If you are a fan of RTS games, you might have more fun with it than I did. However, there are far better games from the RTS genre though, so look elsewhere if Siegelord starts to bore you.

Siege Lord Gameplay Video

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