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Alliance Warfare

Alliance Warfare Alliance Warfare is a free to play strategy game where you build mighty cities, train massive armies and conquer the world.Alliance Warfare is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORTS set in the richly detailed Land of Endless War. In Alliance Warfare players complete quests, attack rivals, invade barbarian cities, create alliances with their neighbors, build massive armies, and expand their kingdoms by conquering their enemies. Players increase their allianceís power through gathering resources to increase building, researching technologies to improve weapons and structures, and discovering new lands to control.

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Alliance Warfare

Alliance Warfare at

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Alliance Warfare Review

Alliance Warfare is a free to play strategy game that you can play online. You can play the game directly and instantly inside your browser. All you need to do is register your details and create a log-in for yourself. After you have done all of the boring stuff, you should be able to play the game easily.

After the initial loading screen shows up, Alliance Warfare prompts you to the character selection screen. There are 10 avatars for you to choose from. These avatars donít have an effect on the gameplay, they are just there as a decoration. Once you choose your character of choice, then the real game starts to begin.

 Alliance Warfare choose your hero screen

Game Info

The tutorial for Alliance Warfare is pretty cruel as it shows you a screenshot of a prosperous city. Your tutor says this is what your city should look like, but for now you have to start things from scratch. At the start of the game, there is only one building that is up and itís up to you to construct the rest of the city.

Alliance Warfare starts in similar fashion to other RTS games. The beginning is always painfully slow because you have to construct lots and lots of buildings first before you are able to assemble an army. You have to be a very patient gamer in order to find any type of enjoyment while playing this game. If you want instant action right away, I would suggest you go out and find something else to play.

Alliance Warfare adds even more chores for you to do. Not only do you have to construct buildings, but you also have to manually build roads within your city walls as well. Again, this process is very slow and can get really repetitive quite quickly. On top of that, you also have to research each building so that it can collect the right type of resources for you. The tutorial doesnít last very long as your tutor leaves and you are then left on your own.

One thing I disliked about Alliance Warfare is that there isnít much point in playing it. Once you are able to train your troops and form an army, you cannot do much with them. Itís one of those boring RTS games where you donít actually get to see your soldiers fight in battle. All you get is a report card.

 Alliance Warfare  war battle screen 2>

The worst part about Alliance Warfare is the lack of any audio whatsoever. The developer couldnít be bothered to add any sound effects or even any background music either. It becomes a huge bore playing this game in absolute silence. Even if the music sounded awful, any type of audio would have been more exciting than nothing at all.

The graphics for Alliance Warfare are nothing special either. The visuals would have looked nice back in 2001, but we are in 2015 and many other browser-based games look far better. The buildings do look nice, but there is nothing else to really look at. The RTS genre is overcrowded and this game does nothing to really stand out.

 Alliance Warfare new city screen 3 >

What to Expect?

All in all, Alliance Warfare is highly generic and is devoid of any excitement whatsoever. If you love to construct you own city, you might find some enjoyment playing this game. If you are a gamer that likes strategic battles, youíre going to be disappointed as you cannot actually see the action unfold. Without a doubt, the most boring thing about the game is the lack of any sound. Iím not sure who would like playing this game other than people who are truly bored. There are far better free to play RTS games out there.

Gameplay Video

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