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Nosgoth Nosgoth is named after the fictional land in which the 'Legacy of Kain' series is set. The Vampires and Humans have very different play styles and in each match you'll get to play both sides, once per round. Humans have an arsenal of devastating ranged weaponry & lethal devices; Vampires specialize in visceral close-up melee attacks augmented by their inhuman abilities. Each character is radically different with a host of abilities and skills, be it an Alchemist's flamethrower or a Reaver's Savage Pounce.Join the war between humans & vampires for free now.

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Nosgoth Review

Nosgoth is a free to play competitive multiplayer game developed by Psyonix. It is published by Square Enix and is available for you to play on Steam. The game is actually a spin-off of sorts to the old Legacy of Kain video games. Unlike those games however, this is strictly just an online multiplayer game only and not an RPG.

In order to play Nosgoth, you will need to use Steam. If you donít have Steam, you will need to create an account and install that first. After you have done that, then you can actually start downloading the game itself. The minimum requirements are moderate so older computers may not be able to handle the game. You also need at least 5GB of space on your hard drive to install it too.

 Nosgoth screenshot  1

After all the boring stuff is out of the way, you can then finally start playing Nosgoth. The game starts you off playing as a human character. You can choose to play through the tutorial, or you can skip it altogether. Itís wise for you to play through the tutorial if this is your first time playing a game like this.

Unlike many other online multiplayer games, Nosgoth is a third-person action game. Itís quite refreshing playing in the third-person perspective as tons of games these days rather chooses to be in first-person only. You will control your aiming via the mouse and move your character using the WASD keys.

Humans in Nosgoth arenít that agile or skilful as the Vampires. They have to rely on a crossbow that loses ammo quite often. You can replenish ammo, but it takes a few seconds for you to get everything. Every second counts as a Vampire can kill you at any second. The only problem I had with playing the Humans in Nosgoth is how difficult is it to move around and aim. Humans feel very slow and cumbersome. Itís also a pain trying to aim as the Vampires can run around really fast. The learning curve is very steep as it can take several hours for you to get a hang of the gameís physics.

 Nosgoth screenshot  2

I had a slightly better time playing as the Vampires in Nosgoth, although even then this was still hard to grasp as well. Vampires are more agile as they can jump higher and are much stronger in close quarters combat. However, they are limited when it comes to long ranged combat. This can be troublesome when the opponent likes to run away like a chicken from you. You really have to be very accurate while playing this game as missing your attacks will often result in instant death.

Although the controls in Nosgoth are comfortable, the actual combat feels very unbalanced. I feel movement is fairly limited and aiming is one of the hardest things you can so in this game. Iím sure there are other people out there that are better than me at this game, but I had a really tough time learning the game. It goes without saying that this game has one of the steepest learning curves out of the many free to play video games Iíve played over the years. Since Nosgoth is an online multiplayer game only, this means you will have to face off against other human controlled players. There is obviously no single player story mode where you can battle against the AI. If you are a beginner or casual type of gamer, then you should avoid playing this game. You will be beaten easily if you are not good to hang out with the other players.

There are several multiplayer game modes that you can do in Nosgoth. The main two modes are Deathmatch and Flashpoint. Deathmatch is the most popular mode where you try and get the most number of kills in a finite amount of time. Flashpoint is a unique take on the ďCapture the FlagĒ mode seen in other games where you take control of certain areas in a map. Graphically, Nosgoth looks great and has the same atmosphere as the older Legacy of Kain video games. However, itís a very demanding video game and you computer has to be fairly modern in order to run it smoothly. My computer isnít the best one at there, and I experienced a lot of lag even on the lowest setting. If you have a decent computer though, you will have a much better experience with the game.  Nosgoth screenshot  3

Overall, Nosgoth has a great premise and itís great to see a third-person action game like this. If you love online multiplayer games, you will definitely enjoy this game. However, the steep difficulty curve and gameplay imbalance will deter some gamers. Itís still worth a try if you have not played a game like this before. Itís free to play so thereís no harm in checking it out.

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