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Field Command 2

In this game you're a Corporal on a secret military mission. You're dropped deep behind the enemy lines, and you have to infiltrate into the nearby anti aircraft and artillery base of the enemies and do as much damage as possible.In this interactive game you have to guide your platoon safely through the enemy territory and accomplish your mission with the least casualties possible. You've to make critical decisions as you proceed further and sometimes the decisions have to made quickly before the time runs out or you will lose the battle. Lead your troops to victory. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Field Command 2

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1 December 2009soody
crap Yabbahut
1 December 2009soody
Yabbahut  Vader  Superhero  CanCan  Wave  Cool  @  Happy  Sad  Wink  Winesmiley  Closed eyes  Capitulation  Nervous  Group hug  Choir  Oldy  Fun  AD  Taunt  Einstein  Gun toot smiley  James Bond  Go yess  Superhero
22 July 2009dyllandry
Kinda fun. Happy But hard because all the choices are equally good. Wink
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