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Summoners Legion

Summoners Legion Summonerís Legion is a free-to-play browser game that incorporates collectible card and MMO elements, providing players with an engaging multiplayer experience. Choose from four different classes and build a powerful deck by maximizing the skills of nine deadly factions. Clear treacherous dungeons in Adventure mode, and measure up against your friends in exciting PvP combat. Victory is in the cards - are you ready?Key features: - Five races - Dwarf, Elf, Human, Beast, Undead - Four classes: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Priest - Multiple combat modes: 1v1, 2v2, Training Mode - Single and multiplayer dungeons. Summon your legion of allies and take CCG combat to the next level. Fate is in the cards - Ready. Set. Draw!

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Summoners Legion

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Summonerís Legion Review

Summonerís Legion is a free to play browser based fantasy strategy game you can play online. It is part a turn-based RPG and collectable card game. You will find enjoyment in the game if you are a fan of RPGs and trading card games in general. The first thing you have to do in Summonerís Legion is to choose between a male or female character and give them a name. There is no chance to actually customize the look of your character which is slightly disappointing. You just pick either the male or female and then the game starts rolling.

The game takes quite a bit of time to load the first time around, but Summonerís Legion starts off with a bang as the tutorial takes you straight to the action immediately. The game has a turn-based combat system that you may normally see in an old-school RPG. Although the game also makes use of trading cards as well that you place on the battlefield. This mixture of genres makes this game a unique and fun experience. The battlefield in Summonerísí Legion is simple because your warriors are placed on a horizontal row. Your character and other warriors are situated on the left side of the screen, while the enemy is on the right. Your goal is to try and ward off the enemy and take out their boss. You have to make sure your main character stays healthy too, or else itís game over.

 Summoners Legion  game review screen 1

Placing cards on the battlefield is easy as they are right there on the middle of the screen. Your characters will just automatically attack whoever is in front of them. Warriors with swords can only attack enemies that are close to them, while warriors with magic or a bow and arrow and attack at further distances.

Summonerís Legion Gameplay

Summonerís Legion gets harder the further you progress. 1 lane is when the game is easy, but this will increase to 2 or 3 lanes. Managing 3 lanes of warriors can be a bit tricky, but you do have a deck of 30 cards at your disposal. You do have to strategize to see which cards fit best in a given scenario. There is also a cool ability in the game where your character can give your warriors extra attack power and so forth.

 Summoners Legion  game review screen 2

What I liked most about Summonerís Legion is that the combat is fast and swift. The enemy AI doesnít take forever to decide how to attack you. Battles are intense and fun, without being too overwhelming. Not to mention you are thrust into the action the moment you start the game. Itís not like other games where the action only starts to get good after a few hours of gameplay. Summonerís Legion is fun once you load it up from the very beginning.

Game Modes

Summonerís Legion is very generous when it comes to its many game modes. First there is the main single player campaign. This is basically where you go up against the AI collecting currency and upgrading your cards and Heroes. Another mode available in this game is Dungeon. This is like a co-op mode where you can team up with others to face the AI. Teamwork is key to winning. Lastly, you have the PvP arena have to face up against real players in combat. In terms of production values, Summonerís Legion looks and plays like a good free to play game should. The character models all look pretty and the sound effects and music is all top notch. There are even a few lines of voice over work that has been recorded too. Graphically, the 2D sprites are animated very well and the game performs great. I did not encounter any technical issues while playing this game at all.

 Summoners Legion  game review screen 3

Final Verdict Overall, Summonerís Legion is a highly entertaining free to play video game that all RPG and trading card game genre fans should play. The blending of genres feels fresh and exciting, plus the gameplay and visuals are appealing too. This game is worth playing if you have any free time over the weekend one day.

Summoners Legion Gameplay Video

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