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Mythborne ​Mythborne, the legendary 2.5D browser-based MMORPG! The world is in danger. Darkness has covered the land and now itís creeping upon Mount Olympus. Pandoraís Box has been opened and the godly powers are scattered. Itís up to you to lift the curse - heed Zeusí call, face the forces of evil and become a mythical hero!

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Mythborne Review

Mythborne is a free to play MMORPG that is available online. Itís a game that you can play directly on your internet browser; so many people wonít have much trouble loading it up. After you register your details, you should be able to play the game in no time. Mythborne starts off with you choosing a character to play as. The choice is kind of pathetic as you can only play as either a blonde guy or a blonde girl. It would have been better if you could customize the look of your onscreen avatar. Itís not a major gripe, but usually MMORPGs allow you to customize the look of your own character. Once you make your choice, the game starts immediately and you start the tutorial.

 Mythborne game review screen 1

Mythborne actually takes a while to load. The load times are not too long, but they are lengthy compared to other free to play video games I have played in the past. Not to mention when the actual game does start, the graphics take their time loading up as well. The visuals clear up when you start walking, but I thought the graphics looked funny when everything didnít load up first sight. When Mythborne finally starts, things get very familiar. This game is one of those 2.5D video games with an isometric camera viewpoint. Visually the game looks very stunning and pretty with natural looking environments. The game always has lot of NPCs that you can talk to as well and it also has many scary dungeons that you can visit too.

Mythborne Characters

The character models in Mythborne also look top notch. The game is heavily inspired by Greek Mythology so you will see lots of strong warriors, titans and gods in the game. From a visual standpoint, this game truly does look amazing. Considering that you can play this game directly on your browser, the graphics do look very nice. I also forgot to mention your character also gets to ride on a horse that looks like Pegasus. Aside from the visuals, the audio in Mythborne is pretty decent too. The background sounds epic and mythological. The soundtrack never sounds out of place or gets too annoying. Some might say the music can get repetitive because it loops several times, but I never thought the music sounded too annoying to my ears.

 Mythborne game review screen 1

Mythborne Gameplay

Gameplay wise, Mythborne is one of those MMORPGs that hold your hand too many times. Itís those games where you click on the quest icon and your character automatically walks to the next location already. It lacks the exploration factor of 3D MMORPGs. It just feels like exploration takes a backseat as you are just exploring the gameís world on ďauto-pilotĒ so to speak. In terms of combat, you do get to choose the class type you want to utilize. You can choose to play as the following class types: Duelist, Oracle, Hunter, Mage and Paladin. The class types vary as some are strong with magic attacks, while other class types prefer to be more physical and upfront. Once you choose a class type, you are then ready to engage in your first fight.

 Mythborne game review screen 3

Combat System

The combat system in Mythborne is simplistic and adopts the turn-based style that many RPGs use. You and the opposition take turns on when to fight. At the bottom of the screen, it shows the skills and attacks that you can use. All you need to do is click on the skill button and your character will start attacking. Combat can be quite fun to do and watch, but itís nothing we havenít seen before from many other RPGs in the past. Allies are able to come and join your party during some sections of the game. Having an ally or two is pretty cool as the enemies usually grow in number. However, I felt the combat in Mythborne lacked any real skill or strategy. All I was really doing was pressing a few buttons on the bottom of the screen and my character started attacking. The combat didnít feel very rewarding in the end. However, I do like the fact that the combat is fast-paced and you engage in battles frequently.

One good thing to come out of Mythborne is that I didnít encounter any technical issues during my playthrough. The game never crashed, or lagged when I played it. The gameplay was smooth throughout. The only minor issue I had been the game loading a bit too long at the start, but that was about it.

Final Verdict Overall, Mythborne is a fun MMORPG but it doesnít offer anything new to the genre. Many gamers might also feel that the game is too easy as it guides you too much. Aside from that, the gameplay is fast-paced and the graphics are also pretty. If you can bypass the flaws, you will enjoy playing this game.

Mythborne Gameplay Video

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