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Elvenar Begin your journey in a long-forgotten fantasy world with a small town, starting either as powerful magical elves or medieval, warlike humans. Explore the world map of this amazing online game to uncover rare relics that help you to grow your city faster! In Elvenar you will find yourself in a mythical fantasy world. This beautiful fantasy city builder lets you choose to play as either elves or humans. Your task as the ruler of the town is to help your people prosper. While the mystic elves command powerful magic, which shows in both their creatures and their buildings, humans exhibit a strong connection to medieval weaponry. In the fantasy online game Elvenar, almost every building can be upgraded and visually changed multiple times to increase productivity, becoming ever more beautiful in the process. The main hall, factories, workers huts, residentials and many more buildings are waiting to be upgraded by your eager hands. Transform your small village into an aspiring kingdom!Embark on exciting quests on the world map, explore the areas around your city and pick up rare relics to boost your production. And do not forget to research advanced technologies! More than 200 different improvements can be discovered and unlocked in the online city builder world of Elvenar.

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Elvenar Review

Elevenar is a free to play MMO strategy game available to play online. The game is set in a fantasy world simply named as Elevenar. It is from the RTS genre, although there is some role playing game elements added to it as well. There are two main races in the game and you have to choose to play as either of them. Before you start playing it, you have to make a choice to play as the humans or elves. These are the only two options available to you as no other races seem to exist in this world.


Much like many other games from the RTS genre, Elveanar starts off as a city building simulation. Before you can engage in any type of action, you need to build a prosperous city first. The city building process is always tedious, but it is mandatory before you are able to assemble an army. Be prepared to be patient because this process of the game takes a bit of time. I must say, the city building process in Elevenar is not as time consuming or boring as it can be in other RTS type games. Buildings are often completed immediately and you are free to go and do other tasks while they are still on construction. It is not like in other games where all you can do is sit and wait for anything to happen.

There is one flaw I noticed about placing your buildings on the field and that is the mouse being unable to recognize where you want position it. The arrow points to where you should place a building, but somehow it is still in the wrong position still. I had to gingerly maneuver the mouse carefully so the building was finally placed in the correct place. It was not too time consuming, but it was an unnecessary annoying flaw I came across. Once you get the basics of building your city, you can then venture off and do battle outside of the city. You can assemble a bunch of troops to investigate other cities and do battle with enemies that are scouting nearby. The battle system is quite complex, but it is fun to play once you understand how it works. I also like the fact that it shows the combat on screen and you can control the characters too. Several RTS games just show a boring report card when you go to battle.


The battle system in Elvenar is turn based, although you can somewhat choose where to move you character. The characters are on a grid and you can choose how you want to move them around like if you were playing chess. Each turn allows you to do several actions like moving and attacking. After you turn is over, the enemy has the chance to strike. The combat system takes some time to learn as it is not easy. Sometimes you need to know the perfect time to attack is. It is easy to get ambushed quickly if you move your character too close to the opposing team. There are sometimes rocks that appear on the battlefield too so you can use them to hide and tale cover to make your job slightly easier.

Presentation wise, the graphics and design of Elvenar are commendable. The design of the game might be cliché as most fantasy based games look similar, but the graphics are nice and bright and they’re not ugly or outdated. Even though this is only a browser based game, the graphics look good and the game did not have to load for a very long time. The audio in Elvanar is also good. The music changes when you are on the main menu and in battle. The game has a variety of tunes you can listen to so it is not just the same piece of music replaying over and over again. During battle, you can also hear the sounds of combat too like swords clanging and arrows being fired and more. The only piece of audio that is missing in this game is spoken dialogue, but that is it.


Overall, Elevenar is an enjoyable RTS that is not boring to play. It is not time consuming like other games from the same genre and it has decent production values to go along with it. The only flaw I found is some control issues and the combat system might prove to be too hard for beginners. Other than that, this game is fun and RTS fans should check it out sometime.

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