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Darkstar Risen

Darkstar Risen is A Demon MMORPG Game, Devil Rpg Web Game. After an era of peace evil has once again returned. The demons have broken free from their prison, and led by an inconceivable force they look to take revenge upon mortal beings. Experience their wrath in crisp 3D graphics directly from your browser as you battle your way through their bloodthirsty hordes. Forge unstoppable armor and epic weapons, ride divine mounts and join with players across the world as you fight to stop the Darkstar - before it consumes everything.

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Darkstar Risen

 Darkstar Risen at

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Experiencing Fun and Hectic MMORPG with DarkStar Risen

Action RPG games never seems to lose its popularity especially in the online gaming world since game lovers always have a thing for that type of genre. This pretty much what prompted Proficient City to maintain their interest in publishing ARPG type of outings, just like what they did with DarkStar Risen, a fast paced 3D MMORPG which is set in a fantasy world. The outing offer an interesting gaming experience, where players are being taken into a journey to battle against evil demon lord who broke lose and now spreading its threat into the realm. Being the descendant of a legendary warrior, gamer must now fulfill their duty in defeating that monster and bring peace back into the fantasy world.

Being a browser-based outing, players can easily access it by logging in with their email or just simply using facebook account. Before starting their gaming journey, players must first pick which servers they're keen on playing at, trying out all one by one could be an option as there might be some that won't work that well in certain region. The early loading process might be taking a while, considering this web based game is using 3D visual system, things can get rather messy at first, that's why a good internet connection is definitely advised for this one. After completing that early stage, players can finally pick the class they're keen on using, for free gamer there's three options; Mage, Knight and Archer, while VIP user can also choose two others, which are: Dark Knight along with Magister.

Each of those classes have different fighting style and skills, so as always it's advised that gamer just choose which one that suits their playing the most since things can be difficult when playing this outing for the first time. However, those who are keen on trying out every available classes shouldn't be too concerned as with a pretty good amount of servers available, gamer can always start over with different ones and pick another set of hero, though they must start things from scratch. Once everything is done, gamer can immediately get into the action, where they will straight away feel that action packed taste that DarkStar Risen offers.

From the get go, gamer already find themselves in a battlefield where they will be getting an in-game tutorial about everything that they can and must do. Basically, this outing game play is very similar with any other browser-based MMORPG, which is quest driven story where players must complete every jobs requested by NPC which eventually unfolds the game's main tale. There isn't much rest bite given though in starting DarkStar Risen as players step into battles right away after couple of small quests, but there's nothing much to concern since this outing do offer auto-control along with AFK for battle, which allow everyone to check things out before deciding whether they're keen on taking it manually.

Although this game is being set in an automatic system, players can still enjoy manual control which combines the normal keyboard keys such as WASD for mobilization and mouse clicks, which can also cover any movements. However, the sort of messy surrounding plus hectic battlefield might eventually forced game lovers to rely on that auto setup instead. As it was briefly explained before, this game's battle is basically an action RPG setup where players can just hack and slash their opponent by clicking the skills button or just pointing at which enemy they're targeting. Unfortunately, this game also have that annoying re-spawning setting, where every monsters including the mini bosses so at times it's better to let things run automatically so the hero won't get stuck into meaningless battles.

Visually, this outing will remind many RPG freak with the renown Diablo as it's simple 3D setup sort of carry that similar aura. The game interface might not be that calm though, especially in the battle ground since there's just a hectic combination between enemies along with NPC plus some AFK instructions which makes it looking rather crowded. Those who already have experience in playing MMORPG might not have much issue with it, but for gamer who normally plays this genre on console, it can be quite difficult to handle at first. That's probably why this game developer opted that automatic system being set since it can give much easier way for everyone to enjoy their gaming journey.

Although being mostly set as a PvE type of online game, DarkStar Risen still offer pretty fun PvP and interactive online features, especially players chat which quite useful for any team battles. Most of those versus setup is being created to further support the character's enhancement process though as every victories can help gamer in leveling up their hero or acquiring other bonuses. Another interesting system being offered from this outing is the wing setup where every classes can basically fly all over the place just like some kind of angel. This is very useful to avoid that unnecessary battles in the ground, notably against those re-spawned enemies which can easily drained your health status.

Overall, DarkStar Risen is a game that offer interesting ideas and seems keen on providing nothing else aside from enjoyment for online gamers. However, its execution might not be that pleasing enough, as there's still some troubling parts notably with the confusing auto-system plus inconsistent loading speed. However, since this title is basically a browser-based one, which can be accessed quite easily, action RPG mania might want to try it out as it can be quite fun time wasting activity at times. Obviously, don't expect to discover something spectacular coming out from it since it's simply another fun online gaming outlet which should be treated as one.

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