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One Piece

One Piece One Piece:Pirates Of Legend.One Piece Online is a new tower defense action RPG based on the popular One Piece manga and offering dozens of popular characters from the franchise. The game will take players through 300 instances where they'll have to build a team of pirates to overcome the different challenges. Play the game based on the hit anime free today!

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One Piece

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Experiencing the Exciting Fantasy Pirates World in One Piece

Being one of most popular manga/anime franchise in recent years, is not a surprise that One Piece finally entering the online gaming realm. Renown game developer, Joygames is the one that brought that famous franchise into MMORPG stage, providing fans of that famous manga a chance to experience such exciting pirate life as they will be joining Luffy and co in that game. Having the basic tale taken from the famous anime, fans of that title should definitely acknowledge what situation that they're having on their gaming journey. This game is actually being set as a combination between tower defense and action RPG style, an interesting blend that offer plenty fun experience, especially during battles.

 One Piece game review screen 1

Just like any other browser based online games, to play this special outing from Joygames, player must create an account or they can just use any of their social media profile. After completing that early registration phase, players can immediately start their adventure by choosing which server suits them best. At the beginning, gamer can pick one out of three available classes such as, Swordsman (similar to melee class), Shooter(long range expert) and also Devil Fruit User (caster). Gamer can chose which one of those options that suits them best as each have their own positives and negatives, so everything depends a lot on what battle style that gamer prefers.

 One Piece game review screen 2

Unfortunately, gamer won't be choosing one of the top characters in One Piece as they will basically be taking on a new hero which will be part of that epic pirate’s adventure. There won't be any option for customization though, so gamer must take what hero they already pick and stick with it until the end of their gaming journey. Another slight disappointment is the fact that there's also no gender differentiation, so every playable class basically being setup in a fixed manner, that's why players should chose wisely before starting their game. Once that basic preparation is done, game lovers can immediately enjoy that vast and exciting world of One Piece, while finishing every tasks they are being asked to fulfill.

Although players immediately getting them involved in the game mechanics, but it's far from confusing as the basic is just completing mission which led into battles. Gamer will be receiving a short guide while experiencing their gaming journey, so they must pay an attention on every details being provided early on to make things much easier. However, being accompanied with the usual auto-pathing system, gamer can comfortably sail through every mission without much confusion at all. The battle setup also far from troublesome, though that combination element between tower defense along with action RPG can create a tricky situation as things goes. Basically, every time they engage in fights against their enemies, gamer must preserve their flag from enemies' attack, while at the same time they must eliminate those attackers.

The control is quite simple as gamer can use their mouse for literally every aspect of their game, including during battles, since everything is set in a semi-auto mode. Players can literaly chose on whether they want to manually control their character while attacking opponents or simply leaving everything to the automatic setup, which can make things easier. Knowing that the battle setup can be done without too much fuss, the tricky part for gamer lies on their ability in enhancing their character's stats, acquiring gears and most importantly getting the right partners to battle against enemies .

Picking up partners can be done right after gamer completed some early tasks which earned them points. The method is quite interesting since it can be quite random as gamer can't always get what they are keen on having as battle comrades. There are also other interesting partnership setups that being introduced in this title, which can create many exciting situation or combination. Players should keep their eye on every information being provided in the game, as it can easily be missed when they are focusing in finishing their tasks.

Not only having plenty fun PvE setup, One Piece online also provide many exciting PvP challenges that should entertain game lovers. There's also plenty strategic effort which players will be needing while entertaining themselves as this game do have many intriguing stuff. Meanwhile, although the game visual is far from being considered as one of top notch out there, but its anime feel can offer that interesting atmosphere especially for die hard One Piece lovers. The lack of character customization might also be forgotten by many gamer, because their fine character design was more than capable of recreating that manga/anime realm.

 One Piece game review screen 3

Overall, One Piece Online is an interesting game indeed especially for those who are huge fans of the franchise as they can put themselves into the story while playing it. Several lack of qualities, along with a quite heavy cash shop setup do add that minus points from this outing. However, its unique combination of theme between tower defense along with ARPG, can offer that intriguing gaming experience which could even attract MMORPG maniac, who might not know much about One Piece itself. Being a free to play outing which can easily be played via any browser, game lover should consider to try out this game and have some fun.

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