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Piercing Blow

Piercing Blow Piercing Blow is an Online First Person Shooter competing your skills and tactics within players to become the best shooter of the battle. Players can sign up with either the Free Rebels, or fight with the CT-Force. Gamers pit their skills against one another with fast-paced action, precision shooting, and twitch response times in one of many game modes including Deathmatch, Bomb Mission, Destroy, Eliminate, AI Challenge, Defense Mission and Dino Mode. With more than 30 challenging and unique mission maps, Piercing Blow immerses players into the world of Korogese and its never-ending struggle with detailed graphics, surround sound, camera effects, and game-dedicated low-lag servers to add to the unique gaming experience.

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Piercing Blow

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Enjoying an Entertaining FPS Experience with Piercing Blow

First Person Shooting (FPS) remain as one of the most popular genre in online gaming realm as many developers continue to develop and release that type of games in the market. One latest title that seem to be receiving positive response from game lovers, is a work from renown developer, Zepetto titled Piercing Blow. This tactical FPS will be offering that nostalgic feel of Counter Strike with many basic similarities, but Piercing Blow also added some unique stuff that gamer might not finding in any other titles with similar genre.

Not only having all the fun aspects from FPS type of games, Piercing Blow also have a quite interesting and in-depth story line. This game's tale basically revolves around the fictional country of Korogese, which went into a chaotic state when a battle of power between two major factions, Aegis inc at one end and The Corps as the other party. Both of those powerhouse have one main goal which is creating their own version of peaceful Korogese, but unfortunately having different philosophies in doing it, makes them unable to join force. Having that action-movie like story can be considered as an interesting aspect from this outing that should further attract game lovers who have a knack for this type of tale.

Piercing Blow 1

Starting things out in this game, players are immediately taken into that menu setup in which they can pick which characters they're keen on using along with its factions. There's basically not much that gamer can do in terms of modifying their character's look, as it's an FPS game anyway so that type of creative option isn't being consider as an important one, but there's options to make changes on skin and other items, which should be quite entertaining. Moving on, players must also choose what game modes that they're keen on playing since there are several interesting options being provided, from Escape, Deathmode, Demolition, Costum Mode and many others. Each of those options offer different kind of fun, such as the Escape mode which put two teams playing as Dinosaurs and Human, making it look like a thrilling Jurassic mode FPS.

Aside from those basic playing modes, gamer can also enjoy interesting quests in this outing, a feature which is much more common in MMORPG type of games instead of FPS. This section is also being branched into three parts, Achievement, Daily along with Events, each of those have its own terms and condition, not to mention different rewards once finishing it. Playing those quests should offer an interesting and entertaining choice for players outside of their basic game modes, though it won't be easy at all to finish the mission being given.

Piercing Blow 2

One of the most anticipated part from First Person Shooting games are maps and fortunately for this genre's devotees, Piercing Blow do have plenty options for it, which should bring tons on enthusiasm when playing it. Similar with other games with similar genre, in each of those maps, gamer won't only experience different route, scenes, but they must complete different mission as well. Having a pretty good visual obviously helps a lot as gamer won't feel disappointed or confused while they're hunting their enemies.

As for the game control, Piercing Blow have pretty much similar kind of setup as many FPS titles by combining keyboard keys along with mouse movements and clicks. Apart from the basic WASD setup for mobilization, players should also memorize the hot keys which can help them react faster when playing this game. Another fun thing about this outing is it's customization choices which is quite large as there many things gamer can upgrade, from gears, weapons along with skins. However, many of those options must be attained by entering the game's shop or simply taking part in tournaments and get excellent rewards from it.

Being a strategy FPS type of game, this outing obviously offer more PvP combat, but with its interesting quests along with several game modes, gamer can also experience a sort of PvE moment while they earn rewards that can individually enhance their character's stats. That combination surely bring a fun approach into this outing, especially for online gamer, who are not that used to playing this type of genre before. Having a pretty good user interface along with not too complicated gaming control also helps a lot as players, especially the newbie can already enjoy this game without having much concern early on.

Piercing Blow 3

In all, as a free to play outing, Piercing Blow is certainly an interesting option, especially for those FPS mania who are eager to experience that counter strike era but with more entertaining features being added into it. Despite not having an imbalance cash shop and not necessary the best out there, but having many interesting gaming modes along with high rewarding quests, should compensate some of its flaws. Moreover, this game could also attract interest from players who never have much interest in this genre before, mainly because of the fun features that this game offers. Players who are looking to entertain and enjoy themselves while experiencing fierce FPS battle could very well check out this title as they might finally find what they've been looking for.

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