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Magerealm GTArcade offers a new magic Game named Magerealm .The Magerealm is epic action RPG game with great Features and Graphics. Take your time on Magerealm and experience your real-time 3D action! Independently designed and produced, with four character classes, and many heroes and angels at your disposal to diversify your experience, Magerealm is an incredible fantasy ARPG that will blow you away. The game perfectly combines great role playing with intense action by creating a mystical world full of adventure and peril, while not leaving out the fundamentals of any RPG games: highly customizable characters, skills, and much more!

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Enjoying Fun MMORPG Journey With Magerealm

Playing Role Playing Game always take people into a certain kind of situation, mostly fantasy kind of realm where gamer can pretend themselves as this special hero, who can save an entire world. This approach is also what being offered by GTArcade with one of their latest outing, titled, Magerealm. In that game, players will experience such dramatic tale as they become a fallen warrior, who is determined in rediscovering his lost memories and power while getting involved into stern battles against evil force. As your journey goes further, gamer are bound to receive further assistance from angels and other heroes as companion during every fights.

Similar with many other MMORPG, Magerealm's game play is still highly connected with finishing quests given by the NPCs, which either leads into gamer receiving stuff or getting into the battlefield. This outing's control is set in both manual or automatic, by using the usual auto-pathing setup, which has been a rather common option in online gaming this days. Considering the hectic environment, using that auto option is quite advisable, since there doesn't seem to be much exploration going on in that game. Players can still complete any side quests by checking out on that auto-pathing menu, instead of trying to search around the who area themselves.

Unfortunately, not only in terms of its movement control, but this game's battle setup also have that automatic system, which although can be deactivated, still giving an impression that players doesn't need to do anything much when fighting enemies. Gamer only need to prepare their gear and other setup, before entering any dungeon and simply watch how their hero battling against every monsters available. It's definitely a tempting option, but for those who are keen on doing things more manually, they can simply use their mouse clicks to activate every available skills when fighting against any opponents. There's also some keys function that can be arranged to further help players in their gaming journey, so just arrange it through the menu available on the top right of your screen.

At the start, gamer will be given an option to chose one out of three available, which are: Realmguard, Spellmaster along with Truthkeeper. Each of those options have its own styles, skill set, strength, weaknesses and more important different way of playing, so for starter it would be wise to chose the one that suits most with your gaming preference. Unfortunately, there aren't any character customization being offered as even the gender is already setup based on its class, so gamer can freely choose to play as men or women. Still, players can do some modification for their hero's gears, which can looked rather distinguish on screen, though might not making it any much different compared with other players.

This game's online base system along with its PvP setup is quite active, notably with the fun guild which is being highly advised for every gamer to join. Joining force with others can allow game lovers to explore more stuff, such as any guild based jobs along with upgrading every members' sorcery techniques. There's also options to collaborate with other players in battling against world bosses that can earn you special items, which might not be available while playing via normal story-line. Magerealm also offer plenty dungeons exploration to satisfy any RPG enthusiasts who are keen on grinding their way in finding items and leveling up their character.

As it was explained above, this game's control largely uses mouse clicks with some combination with special keys, which can be arranged accordingly. The battle is set in an action hack and slash setup, so those who choose things manually can just blast their attacks on every opponents without having to wait for any specific turns. This game's user interface is quite friendly and easy to use, though things can look rather hectic on screen with the huge amount of characters hovering around the rather compact surrounding. Nevertheless, with its' 2,5 D graphic, Magerealm brought a quite pleasing visual for game freaks, along with appealing character design, which seems to have that Anime influence . Just as every online game, this outing also offer in-game real money transaction, which notably can help gamer speed up everything as they can practically get stronger items that can be used to further enhance their hero. However, playing things normally can still be more than enjoyable enough for any players, though at times they might need a bit more time to get their hero stronger. Nevertheless, with many features, including the angels and crafting system being provided, we can somewhat discover the joy of working hard in improving our character, compared to getting everything rather easily.

Magerealm : Final Verdict

Overall, Magerealm is an interesting browser-based MMORPG that not only offer an attractive adventure, but also many fun features that can help players sticking themselves into their PC screen for hours. Although there's still some minuses, such as the lack of classes, character customization, rather generic story-line, rather large automatic setup and others, this outing remain an attractive option for any RPG lovers out there. Being a free-to-play game that have an easy access and pretty quick loading process, this title is certainly something worth trying for those looking for some fun role playing adventure.

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