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Nords Lead your army to save the Kingdom in Nords: Heroes of the North! Only the strongest will survive in this fantasy online strategy game by Plarium.Shingard needs heroes! Lead an army to victory over legions of undead in this free cross-platform MMO strategy game! Join the fight now to take on the Ice Queen!A villainous Ice Queen and her army of undead have brought an eternal winter upon the Nordic kingdom of Shingard. Only by combining the craft of Men, the strength of Orcs, and the magic of the Elves can the power of the Obelisks be harnessed to fend her off. As one of King Bjorns Lord Marshals, you will have to keep these three factions from fighting amongst themselves in your Stronghold. Train them for war and send them to battle against the Cold Legions, or your fiercest rivals! Forge alliances with other players, fortify your Stronghold, collect Resources, and sign Blood Pacts to make sure your army comes out on top, and try to stop the zombies from turning your homeland into a giant walk-in meat freezer.How can you stay on top of your rivals in a frozen wasteland? Knowledge is power, Lord Marshal. Sign Blood Pacts with various tribes of Orcs, Elves, Norsemen and Dragons to benefit from their wisdom and skills. Signing and upgrading Blood Pacts will enable you to recruit new Units, improve the training of your existing ones, and build new structures for trade and intelligence.There are three primary Resources in Nords that you'll need to survive - Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale! These can all be found within your Stronghold, but you'll have to cultivate them by building Fisherman's Huts, Mushroom Patches and Breweries, and build Storehouses and Alehouses so nothing goes to waste. As your Stronghold grows, you might find you need even more supplies. You can accomplish this by constructing special buildings to boost production - or there's always the option of raiding and your rival Lord Marshals' Strongholds... just be sure your army is strong enough to emerge victorious!Will you ally yourself with your neighboring Strongholds, or besiege them and steal their Resources? Which combination of orcish, elvish, viking and dragon Units will you send to engage your opponents, and how will you defend your own Stronghold? Which Clan will you side with? How you go about earning your glory is entirely up to you, Lord Marshal! Shingard awaits.

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Nords: Heroes of the North Review

Nords: Heroes of the North is a free to play MMO strategy game that you can play through your browser. Itís an easy game to start as all you need to do to log in is use your existing Facebook account, or create a new one. There are no long loading times, and nor do you have to download any of the game data either.

The game has a simple premise as the game is set in the land called Shingard. This land is home to many different races that consist of the likes of Men, Orcs, Elves and other fantasy based creatures and beings. The factions need to work together to fend off an evil being called the Ice Queen has herself and her army intend to cover the world in ice.

The first thing that you do in Nords: Heroes of the North is listening to King Bjorn who is your tutor during the gameís tutorial. The one thing I like about the game is that King Bjorn is fully voiced by an actor. The voice actor playing King Bjorn is Patrick Warburton who is most famous for playing characters like Joe from Family Guy and more.

Another tutor joins in by the name of Sklad the Bard. He too is fully voiced and directs the player on the gameís controls and gameplay mechanics as well. The game does a good job of telling the player exactly everything they need to know about the game. It is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen in any video game I have played over the years.

The first task you have to do is pick a faction and the character youíd like to see as your on-screen avatar. The three factions include: Northmen, Elves and Orcs. You can choose to play as either a male or female character. All characters are premade, so there is no customization featured here. You can only choose from their own designs.

The Northmen are big men and women that look like Vikings. They specialize in strong attacks like swords and axes. The Elves are good at magic while the Orcs are more dangerous in nature, but are still strong in their own right. Nords: Heroes of the North is not those boring style of strategy games that make you wait for a long time for anything to really happen. The game has a decent pace as itís not all about action all of the time, nor is it one of those games where you are literally just watching paint dry as your building are getting constructed.

In the first few quests, you do have to construct more buildings for your town but itís not a long process that goes nowhere like most other strategy games do. You can even accelerate the construction of buildings so you can continue more important matters like killing the enemies that want to try and invade your Kingdom. Anything under five minutes can be accelerated for free.

After you make a few more buildings, you can then engage in your first battle. The battles are turned-based, but they are shown in full 3D and look pretty cool. The combat is great to watch and itís far better than a boring report card that shows up in other free to play video games Iíve played. The only downside to the combat is the fact that you donít have total control of what is happening on the screen. All you are really doing is witnessing how the simulation of the combat plays out in real time. It would have been more enjoyable if the game allowed you to actually control the characters while they are fighting in battle.

Presentation wise, Nords: War of the North is excellent. Not only is the voice work commendable, but the visuals are great to look at as well. The game has drawn inspiration from other fantasy-based works like World of Warcraft and more. This isnít really a bad thing as the graphics are bright and colourful throughout. The music also sounds top notch as well. Overall, Nords: War of the North is a great game with high production values and gameplay that is easy to master. It promises to offer hours of fun and the excellent voice work adds another level of charm that other free to play video games usually donít have. If you are a fan of strategy games, you should try it out. You wonít be disappointed.

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