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Lords Road

Lords Road The land of myth and magic is a world which is full of magic and swords. There are three empires and two allies on the continent. They all hold the future of the continent. In order to defeat the darkness and recover the light of the land, the blood sealed in your body will be wake up. Here we go. Lordsroad is an impressive newcomer to the browser MMORPG game. The game has its ups and downs but the well-rounded PVP, robust weapon customization, and abundant side-quests definitely make it a viable choice for any fan of MMORPGs.Lords Road offers players two classes to choose, the warrior and the mage. As you would expect, the warrior gives bonuses to physical attacks and defense, whereas the mage gives bonuses to magical attacks. The developers have assured players that more than two classes will be available in future. The player can make a battle party that is made up of one of the many angels. Furthermore, different combinations of heroes and angels team in the same battle party will result in different unique partner abilities to activate, which range from powerful magical attacks to valuable buffs for the party. This offers a strategic element when choosing which angels to train and recruit for a given fight.

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Lords Road

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Enjoying a Fun Action Packed RPG With Lord's Road

The rising popularity along with high demand for browser based games in online gaming community this days triggered continuous interest from gaming companies to release this type of games. One company that go down that path is AMZgame which recently unleashed an interesting browser based outing titled, Lords Road. This European fantasy themed title is an attractive browser based game that will bring game lover into an enchanting gaming journey filled with exciting quests. Players can enjoy many fun RPG features such as weapon forging, raising pet, acquiring angels for battles and many other fun stuff that can only be discovered as gamer get further into the game.

Basically, the main story for Lords Road is a hero's journey in trying to salvage the game's fantasy world from demon's invasion. In this enchanted gaming adventure, gamer will be given the option to pick between two classes only, warrior or mage, not much of an option for now, but there are reports things could improve in the future. Not only just having two options for available classes for starter, but gamer can freely choose the gender as it's already set in a locked setup, with the warrior being a male while mage is the female. The former has a physical and defense advantage, while as always mage has that special magical power that can offer strong attacking skills. Having such limited option, players such certainly pick which ones that suits their style while playing an action RPG model as things can get difficult midway in their journey.

Lord's Road Game Review screen 1

There's nothing complicated at all for gamer in starting their gaming journey with Lords Road as after selecting their preferred class and server, they can immediately start. Just like many games with similar genre, this title also heavily focusing on completing quests, so since the beginning along with text-based instruction, gamer will try to finish requested tasks. Having a semi-auto path setup makes thing easier obviously, as players can click their task menu to complete every requests from NPC which will normally leads into battles. As an additional info, by the time players are able to receive side-quests, at times they must manually mobilize their hero in completing their main tasks, so try to memorize the NPC's location and names.

As it was briefly explained above this game is basically an ARPG, so the battle system is pretty much a real time action pack combat without using the classic turn-based setup. It's quite simply to embark in battles as everything is being control with mouse clicks, where gamer target their opponents by clicking their right mouse and their hero will immediately attack that targeted enemy. There's also skills button in the screen menu which is also being activated by clicking it, there's an individual close range attack and also cool AoE skills that handle groups of enemies. However, since there's a sort of mana bar for skills, gamer must not overused it as things can get tough when they're running out of it during boss battles in each stages. Another exciting attacking option is a sort of special attack that can only be activated once players reached the limit bar for it, which seems to be obtained by accumulating their normal attacks.

Lord's Road Game Review screen 2

Not having the ability to do a lot of character modification, players can still be pleased that they can change their hero's appearance frequently by modifying armors or weapons. Aside from acquiring them from battles or simply buying in shops, gamer can change their gears by forging them. This menu is quite important and useful since getting new gears are not that easy, so enhancing them are a must to keep winning the battles against evil enemies in every stages. In further helping gamer during battles, they will also be accompanied with goddess, pet and also mount that can easily be accessible after reaching certain levels.

Aside from those cool stuff PvE stuff, players can also experience many PvP features from battling against each others in the Arena or joining guild wars to earn interesting bonuses. All of those setup offer many fun experience for gamer outside of their mission in finishing the main story of this outing. Having an enjoyable PvP option is quite necessary to take gamer away from the often repetitive quest finishing setup they're experiencing in the main story setup. As for this game's in game real cash transaction, albeit it can provide players with rare items, they can still finish their journey without spending any money though some grinding might be required at time, especially if they're determined in completing some of the side quests.

Graphic wise, Lord's Road is being set as a 2.5 D visual, so it's quire pleasing in the eye with lovely background setting along with cool character design. However, the game interface might not be the best out there since it looks really crowded at times, especially when many players are on-line. The placing of some buttons are quite messy as well, so during battles there's a chance that gamer accidentally clicks unrelated command or menus. The lack of character creation can also be an issue for some players as there's no chance for gamer to set their hero as a unique character that are different from others.

Lord's Road Game Review screen 3

In all, this title is quite appealing and attractive browser based ARPG outing as it's quite addicting even for new gamer who are not experienced enough with online games. Despite being repetitive with its quests based setup, the game's fun battle setup with cool skills option manage to maintain that playing appeal. The fun PvP option also give an extra option for gamer who are keen on getting some refreshing atmosphere outside of their normal PvE journey. Being a free to play outing, Lord's Road is worth trying indeed for those who are looking for some fun Action based RPG that can be comfortably played in many platform without having to download any parts of the game.

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