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Skyforge Skyforge is a highly stylized MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat inspired by console action games, where players could become mighty Gods.Allods Team and are proud to present Skyforge ,a highly stylized free to play AAA SciFi Fantasy massively multiplayer online roleplaying game featuring exciting dynamic combat inspired by console action games, set in a brand new universe of gods and heroes, who use futuristic technologies to fight off incredible creatures and protect their planet against space invasions.

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Skyforge Review

Skyforge is a 3D free to play fantasy-based MMORPG that you can play on your computer. Itís a big kind of game as you need to download the game data first in order to play it. There are also mandatory updates that you have to install too. Just keep this in mind if it will be the first time that you will be playing this game. Much like many other MMORPGs, the first thing that you have to do in Skyforge is create the main character that you want to play as. There are six templates for a male character for you to choose from and six templates for female characters too. Skyforge only allows you to create human beings so you wonít see the alien-like beings that appear in other games.

After you choose a template, you can further alter the appearance for your chosen character. This includes their height, body mass, skin color and more. It has one of the most fully featured character creation options in a free to play video game. There are a lot of options to make the type of character you really want to make. You can add things like tattoos, makeup, hats and more. These options arenít usually available in other free to play video games. After you create your character and give them a name, you are then ready to play Skyforge. What is impressive about this game is that it features a story complete with cutscenes and full voice overs. This shows that this game has impressive production values and this separates it from many other free games available on the internet. The cutscenes are impressive and donít look cheap or rushed. The voice acting is also decent throughout.

Itís also worth mentioning that the character models in Skyforge look detailed and awesome. This is thanks to the impressive graphics that the game possesses. The visuals are not up to par with Final Fantasy XIV, but theyíre close to that level if you play on the very high setting. The game has a healthy mix of natural looking environments mixed in with large cities. Final Fantasy XIV is the closest MMORPG that I can think of that has a similar visual style. However, make sure you have a decent computer in order to run Skyforge. My computer is not the best one out there and I noticed the frame rate dropped several times even on the lowest setting. If you have an older machine, itís best that you stay away from this game because it takes a lot of juice in order to run smoothly.

In terms of gameplay, Skyforge plays like any other MMORPG should. Itís mostly the click and point style of game that is usually found in other games like this one. You point and click to where you want to go and your character will start running. Initiating with non-playable characters to start a conversation with them is also done in this fashion. Combat in this game is also done by just clicking on the screen. There are a variety of classes that you can choose from to vary up the combat because you use different weapons. The combat is fast-paced and highly responsive. The animation is also smooth and your character can dish out cool looking combos. There are 13 different classes which mean there are 13 ways to play the game. Itís not all just swords and magic as guns can also be used too!

A unique feature to Skyforge is that there is a dodge mechanic that has been added too. Dodging is helpful if you are surrounded by many enemies. Not many MMORPGs have a dodge feature so itís cool that you can evade enemies with ease in this game. Itís not successful all of the time, but itís a crucial feature to use to save you from danger. Skyforge is a great MMORPG with high production values and gameplay that is entertaining throughout. The combat system is unique without being too stiff or rigid. The game also has one of the best graphics I have seen in a free to play video game over the last couple of months. If you are a fan of RPG games in general, itís worth checking this game out.

SkyForge Gameplay Video

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