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ArcheAge Download ArcheAge and adventure in the acclaimed Free to Play fantasy sandbox MMORPG from Trion Worlds and XLGAMES. Play the best sandbox MMO on the market for free.

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Archeage Review

Archeage is a free to play 3D MMORPG that you can play online. Unlike some other MMORPGs this game is not played on a web browser. For this game, you have to download its content to your computer or laptop. Archeage base game is only around 10GB, but there are a few updates that have been released so far. You have to download all of the updates before you are able to play the actual game itself first. Not to mention the game takes a bit of time to get started too. I usually had to wait for over a minute before the launches on my computer.

After that game has started, you have to choose the server you want to play the game on. Itís recommended you play on a server that is stable with lots of players on there. Obviously donít choose a server that has a low player count or unsuitable for your region. With all the boring stuff out of the way, you can then start creating the character you want to play as in Archeage. There are four different races that you can choose to play as. This includes a Nuian, Elf, Firrana and Harani. The Nuian and Harani races looks just like normal human beings. The Elf is an elf while the Firrana are furries.

You can choose to play as either a male or female character and you are free to choose their appearance too. Archeage gives you various options to alter your characterís hair style, skin color, eyes and also various masks. After that, you can also change up their skill sets too. This includes the following fighting styles: Battlerage, Sorcery, Archery, Vitalism, Occultism and Shadowplay. The game gives you a description and short preview on the combat system so itís really helpful in giving you an idea on how you want to play the game. Once you choose a character, you are then ready to play the actual game. Again, this game does have long loading times so be prepared to wait a while before you can actually do anything. If you have a strong computer, the loading times might be a little on the faster side.

The reason the game takes a while to load is because itís built with CryEngine. This is the same game engine that powers the Crysis games. The game looks very pretty in the high quality setting, although make sure your computer is able to run this game beforehand. If your computer is a bit weak, itís best to lower the quality because the game lags like crazy if you are on the higher settings. After that game loads, you are then ready to play the game. Much like other MMORPGs, you start off with the basics going through the tutorial. There is a brief cutscene that explains why your character needs to be a hero, but it does not go on for too long.

The one thing I find annoying about this game is how conversations are handled. Normally in video games, you start a conversation by clicking on the character. In this game however, you click on the character and then have to click on a small icon again to start a conversation. Itís a minor annoyance, but clicking twice to strike a conversation is an annoyance. The controls in Archeage are easy to master. You move forward by pressing the ďWĒ key and ďSĒmakes you walk backwards. Pressing ďAĒand ďDĒ allows you to turn left and right respectively. However, movement in this game is rather stiff because it opts for ďtank-likeĒ controls. It would have been better if the character was more agile. There are several different mounts that are available in this game though. Riding on mounts is pretty cool because their movements are smoother. Not to mention mounts allow you to travel at a faster rate because they cover long distances more than just walking on foot.

As for the combat in this game, it is your standard MMORPG affair. All you have to do is click on an enemy and your character will start attacking. However, this game is more than just a simple hack-n-slash game. You can combine abilities from different classes and your character can attack from both long and short distances. The combat is more action-orientated which is the style of fighting that I like the best. There are also different skills and abilities that you can use by assigning them to the different keys on your keyboard. Itís quite enjoyable, even though it isnít innovative in any way.

The game does take a long time to get started though. Most of the first few quests are fetch style of missions and can get kind of boring. The more you play the game though, the missions get more exciting and you do get a chance to face off against bigger and more menacing enemies. There is also PvP combat too so you can test your skills on other players if you want to. The audio sounds great though, with a decent soundtrack and sound effects galore. There are voice overs in this game too, but they donít appear too often. Most of the time when characters are speaking, you do still need to do a lot of reading.

ArcheAge The Final Verdict

Overall, Archeage is a really great MMORPG with a decent combat system and beautiful looking graphics. However, there are some annoying issues I had such as long loading times and some issues with the controls. Other than that, this is a really great free to play game that is worth checking out.

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