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Sexy Three Kingdoms

Sexy Three Kingdoms is an MMORPG based on the book Romance of The Three Kingdoms.Filled with unique graphics,characters, and a story based on the history of ancient China.

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Sexy Three Kingdoms

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Sexy Three Kingdoms Review

Sexy Three Kingdoms is a new MMORPG that you can play on your browser online. Itís in Chinese language; although you can still somewhat know how to play the game by using Google Translate. Itís a pretty straightforward game once you know what to do. At the start of the game, there are six characters that you can choose from. They are all pre-made characters so sadly you cannot alter their appearance in any way shape or form. There are three class types and itís a choice between male and female character models.

Sexy Three Kingdoms then starts off rather quickly after you choose the character you want to play as. It has a very Japanese style look to it, even though this game has been made in China. All of the characters look young and pretty much like you see in the anime that Japan likes to produce. The game also has nice 2D sprites that are quite large and highly detailed. The presentation as a whole in this game is commendable with a nice soundtrack playing in the background and the HUD not being too cluttered. The only thing that will stop some people from playing the game is that some text cannot be translated so you might have trouble playing it because of this.

In terms of how to play the game, Sexy Three Kingdoms is one of those automated style of RPGs. This means you basically just need to press the quest button at the top right hand corner of the screen and your character will immediately go to their next location. There is not much you can see in terms of the game environment. This is because this game is played via a 2D plane. In other words, you can only go from left to right and vice versa. When you do go to another place, a portal will open up and the game will load you to a different location.

Thereís not much to say about the combat because everything is automated. However, you can see the enemies on the field when you are walking, and then it transports you to the battle screen if they bump into you. Itís kind of like going through a gauntlet as a lot of enemies try to challenge you while you are just minding your own business.

Sexy Three Kingdoms Final Verdict

Overall, Sexy Three Kingdoms doesnít offer much in terms of uniqueness. The game plays like many other free to play RPGs. It looks nice and itís easy for beginners. Itís only worth checking out if you understand how to read Chinese though.

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