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Kings Era

Kings Era KingsEra is a free online strategy game based on medieval fiction. Build magnificent cities, forge mighty alliances and conquer the world. The top players will have the opportunity to win CASH prizes in each server. Available online and for iOS and android phones/tablets.

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Kings Era

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King’s Era Review

King’s Era is a free to play browser-based MMORTS that you can play online. It is set in the medieval times where you take control of a peaceful village. However, the village no longer is “peaceful” when the enemies come through wanting to destroy. It’s now up to you to protect the village and help fend off the advancing enemy.

Before any action sets in, King’s Era is a very slow type of video game. The game is much like many other RTS video games and that’s taking a long time for any of the action to get started. For several minutes, the only type of “gameplay” you are experiencing is just watching buildings being constructed. The tedious gameplay is even made worse because you have to constantly upgrade your buildings to a certain level. For example the first objective was to build a Quarry. Fair enough as this is where I can collect more resources. However, constructing buildings rotate themselves and that means upgrading the same buildings you constructed before.

Not to mention the slow pace gets even more tiresome because you can only construct and upgrade one building at a time. You cannot start construction on another building if one building hasn’t been finished yet. All I was really doing in this game was just waiting and waiting for buildings to be completed. After several minutes just watching buildings getting constructed, the payoff is that you can set off to battle. However, there is no big satisfying payoff for your efforts because there is no real combat system that is in place in King’s Era. You don’t even get a chance to see your army fight the opposition.

These types of strategy games are just boring in my opinion. Games are supposed to be entertaining to distract you from your own ordinary life. King’s Era is not entertaining because all you are really doing are looking at statistics and your own city getting constructed at a very slow pace. There’s no instant gratification of enjoyment to be had playing this game. The presentation in King’s Era is not so great either. I was constructing my city at night and the only noises I can hear are wolves crying, owls hooting and crickets making noises too. Not to mention the audio breaks up every time up click on an outside screen. The audio starts and stops very time you do this and this gets annoying. You will get sick of the “night time” noises in King’s Era as there is no background music to help drown out the noise.

The graphics in this game are simplistic and outdated too. I know this is just a free to play browser-based game, but I’ve seen other games from the same genre make more of an effort to make them games look pretty. The graphics are as boring and mundane as the actual gameplay is. Overall, I felt King’s Era added nothing new to the already saturated RTS genre. It’s boring, slow, ugly to look at and annoying to listen to. You may want to check it out if you are a fan of the RTS genre, but everyone else is better off finding something else to play. You won’t get any enjoyment playing this game at all if you love action.

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