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Tiny Mighty

Tiny Mighty Tiny Mighty is a new free superhero sidecroller browser MMORPG based on the Marvel World. Tiny Mighty features similar characters from the original Marvel comics such as: Wolverine, Black Widow, Ghost Rider set in an action packed strategy rpg.Tiny Mighty is a captivating game centralized around super heroes; players can enjoy the fun to unlock different features by leveling-up. In the Tiny Mighty world, teams will include different heroes that will have different powers, players can upgrade heroes and level up stars to make their team stronger! There is not only the PvP duel, but also the league fight. Collect heroes, upgrade skills, synth various items and exclusive gears, all features players can find within Tiny Mighty.Tiny Mighty is the Brand-New RPG game that lets you play as a commander like never before. To protect the peace of the world, players must lead, summon and even hire other players' heroes to create an unstoppable team and fight with the enemies. Meanwhile in this world, it has Mysterious Fairyland, Energy Treasure, Endless Trial and deadly World Boss, which wait for players to explore and challenge.

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Tiny Mighty

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Enjoying a Fun Superhero Themed MMORPG with Tiny Mighty

The world wide popularity of Marvels Avenger franchise along with its' other superheroes undoubtedly influenced many company in crafting similar kind of characters, just like what AMZGame did with one of their latest release, titled Tiny Mighty. In this outing, gamer can discover many hero characters which are strongly inspired by Marvel, though the game's company added some humor twist on it to make things fun and entertaining in a certain way. Gamer will be experiencing an interesting journey in which they can form a strong team of superheroes to fight horde of evil enemies in the game.

Tiny Mighty game review on screen 1

Starting out this game is pretty simple as being a browser-based outing, Tiny Mighty can be accessed immediately after players completed the regular required data sign-up, which can also be done via several social medias. After picking what server they're keen on entering, gamer will be filling their team's name before eventually starting their exciting journey. Unlike some MMORPG, players are not handling a single character as they basically will take control of one heroes unit, so gamer can recruit over 40 of those super characters. Exciting indeed, but with that setup there won't be any character creation menu as game lovers can't make too many changes for their superheroes.

Tiny Mighty game review on screen 2

There isn't much complicated story telling that can be taken from this title as gamer will basically be a superheroes team that try to eliminate evil in several areas. Players must complete all the tasks requested, which mostly leads them into battling monsters in different stages or areas. During their gaming journey, game lover will be able to collect more heroes, it's fun indeed but the recruitment process is more of a random thingy, so gamer can't just pick what they want easily. What makes it interesting, in this outing aside from improving the characters' skills, players can also upgrade their superheroes into a much stronger version.

Tiny Mighty game review on screen 3

Similar with many other browser based MMORPG, most of the playing done in this outing is automated, especially during battles as players can't really make any intervention while their heroes are battling enemies. Obviously, all of the setup can be done before they got into that battleground as gamer can arranged their team's members, setting up the skills, weapons and many other pre-combat arrangement. As it was previously explained, one of the most exciting features being offered in Tiny Mighty is upgrading heroes, which is not actually leveling up, but more of enhancing those superhuman into their strongest version.

Tiny Mighty game review on screen 4

Being strongly attached with superhero theme, this title at times doesn't feel like any classic type of role playing games, but a somewhat combination between that genre along with side scrolling arcade style. That combo certainly offer something interesting for any game lovers, who might not be that common yet with this kind of setup. The automatic setting somewhat help players to enjoy their gaming adventure and experience that fun, relaxing atmosphere that Tiny Mighty's creator seemingly keen on creating. Although, some gamer might be more excited if they can have more control over their heroes, especially during battles, but this automatic setting has been commonly used nowadays in MMO, so it's basically something that those game lovers should accept.

Despite not having much character creation features, gamer can still enjoy the funny designs being crafted in Tiny Mighty as they brought plenty joy and laughter with their version of Marvel heroes. The American cartoon vibes is being crafted with such fine details, providing a comfortable visual experience for those who are playing it. Having such funny and lovely graphic makes this title an attractive title for every age group, a certain advantage indeed as it obviously bring more popularity for this outing. Moreover, the variety gaming features being provided also added more fun for game lovers as they can sit tight and get adsorbed into this exciting realm that AMZGames created.

Tiny Mighty game review on screen 5

Not only offering a fun PvE setup, this game also have exciting PvP battle where gamer can battle it out against each others and earn many interesting items or even new superheroes. Moreover, gamer can also challenge themselves in League Fight, by competing to become the top leader. Those setup can definitely entertain players who always look to compete with others while playing MMO, something that they can't really do while experiencing classic console based RPG.

Overall, Tiny Mighty is a fun and exciting MMORPG that can be enjoyed by online game enthusiasts from all range of ages and level. Although they might not find all the basic stuff that role playing titles normally offer, this outing have its own charm that can make game lovers glued in front of their PC screen. The automatism setup in this title for some reason might not feel as annoying as in some other MMO titles, mainly because it's designed to help gamer getting more absorbed in their gaming journey. Lack of character creation can't also be considered as a weak point, since this game practically offer different kind of approach compared to others. In addition, being a browser-based outing, this game is very easy to access and play, so game lovers can immediately try it out and enjoy their superhero experience without much trouble.

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