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Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare Armored Warfare is a team-based action MMO tank game from for the PC. Immerse yourself into the world of modern armored vehicle combat.

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Armored Warfare

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Armored Warfare Review

Armored Warfare is a free to play MMO that you can play on your computer. The difference between this game and other MMOs out there is that this game allows you to drive as a tank. There arenít that many free to play video games out there that allow you to drive a vehicle as powerful as a tank. Armored Warfare is a relatively new video game as it was only released in 2015. You will need to download the game first in order to play it and check the specs of your computer too. The file size for the game is roughly 12GB. You have to wait until the game has fully been downloaded before you are able to start playing it.

Armored Warfare

The first thing that you have to do is go through the tutorial. Driving a tank is more difficult than playing as a normal character so going through the tutorial is crucial if you have never played a game like this before. Manning a tank in a video game is not as easy as it looks. This is because the tank has many parts that move and rotate. The main part of the tank is controlled by using the WASD keys. This is easy to follow but aiming and moving around the hull of the tank are where things get more interesting.

Armored Warfare

Moving the hull is controlled by using the mouse. The mouse rotates so that you can aim the turret. You have to constantly move every part of the tank in order to get a clear shot at the enemy. All the moving parts can get confusing because where you aim is not the direction the tank is going. You have to look at the bottom of the tank to see where the wheels are pointing to know which direction you are heading towards. You also have to have quite a bit of patience playing this game. Not only is the learning curve quite steep, but the tank itself moves quite slowly over the terrain. This is understandable as tanks weigh lots of tons so theyíre expected to move very slowly.

The other thing you have to be patient about is that it takes several seconds for the tankís turret to reload. You cannot simply just spam the firing button all of the time in hopes of destroying the targets quickly. You have to get in the right position first and attack when you have an opening. There is a bit of strategic thinking required in order for you to become victorious in this game. Aside from attacking, you have the maneuver the tank out of position so that you avoid incoming fire from the enemies too. I remember when I first played this game, I was stationery most of the time and the enemy killed me off pretty quickly.

The longer you play Armored Warfare, the more you are able to upgrade your tank. You can have access to better armor and weapons to make life easier for you. Itís cool that the game has some sort of customization option so that you can play the game using your own personal preferences. Not to mention you also gain more access to more tanks the more you play the game too. I do like the variety of modes that are in offer in this as well. There are PvE and PvP battles which add a bit of variety. You can choose to co-op with other real life players to do mission-based objectives and take out the enemy A.I. Alternatively, you can just face off against real-life human players in a fight to the death.

Armored Warfare operation quarterback

Presentation wise, Armored Warfare may look too similar to World of Tanks to some gamers. This isnít necessarily a bad thing as both games shine when it comes to graphics and audio. Armored Warfare in particular looks great as there are a variety of levels to explore and all of them have big terrain. The sound effects are just as impressive as you can hear the roar of the tanks as they drive by and the big explosions whenever you destroy them. Itís best to play this game using good speakers to take advantage of the booming sound. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing Armored Warfare. Aside from the aforementioned World of Tanks, there arenít that many other video games that allow you to pilot the big vehicles. The gameplay is great as the combat is action-packed and fun throughout. Once you get past the steep learning curve, this game is very fun to play. Bear in mind you may need a good computer to play it as this game only came out fairly recently.

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23 February 2016Jaan
cool game
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