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World of Warships

World of Warships Naval action MMO, dipping into the world of large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century.World of Warships is a new free-to-play naval action MMO from the creators of World of Tanks. Dive into the massive naval battles and tame the overwhelming power of multiton titans to conquer the hard-line high seas!

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World of Warships

World of Warships game at

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Experiencing Spectacular Sea Battles with World of Warships

Following the success of previous war related games, Wargaming studio recently brought in another interesting out-it titled World of Warships for every MMO lovers all around the globe. This title present similar kind of features from the likes of World of Tanks along with War of Planes where gamer are being set to play in a team battle instead of individual adventure. Just like its title, here game lovers will have the opportunity in controlling many different military based ships as they get into war against others.

World of Warships game review on screen 1

Starting this game, players must do the usual account creation setup which can also be done via social media, notably Facebook to those who have an account on it. Unfortunately, not being a browser-based outing, in order to activate World of Warships, gamer must download the gaming part before playing it. After completing all of the required start up setting, gamer will be given the option in choosing four different type of vessels, which are: Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleship and Aircraft Carriers. Any of those have different roles and special features that should be picked based on playing style or battle tactics that players are planning to use during war.

World of Warships game review on screen 2

Just it was previously explained above, the basic gameplay of this outing is practically a team combat type where players can pick several battle scenarios available and in each they will randomly assigned into certain teams where they can get into war against other players or computer controlled enemies. Obviously, gamer won't immediately reached a high level as they must work on it, that's why gamer are normally being paired with enemies from similar tier. So there's no need to get much concern of getting overpowered by opponent's technologies since winning will exclusively be determined based on the tactics being used in combat. One thing that should be remembered by gamer, working together is essential for winning noting that with different type of vessels in one team, each must provide support for one another.

World of Warships game review on screen 3

Since this game is not an adventure type of MMO, players' won't be experiencing any PvE journey, that's why the only ways in acquiring points and currency is by joining available combat scenarios. Earning those two stuff are important for gamer who are keen on upgrading their ship or purchasing a much higher level vessels that will further help them more in winning any battles. In this game, there are several major combat modes, such as, Standard battle, Encounter along with Domination. Each of them have several different playing scenarios, but notably gamer must eliminate every enemies, conquering a base or getting more points. In some modes, players can even destroy their own teammates because of provocation, that's why co-operation is very important indeed.

The visual for World of Warships can be considered top notch as the vessels details along with its back ground are eye catching. Notably there won't be any hero character creation since players are taking over a vessels, but that shouldn't be much of an issue for this type of MMO. Game lovers can also enjoy their combat with such easy since its being visually described in such fine fashion. Sound effect being provided is also quite enchanting as it's able to create that certain battle surrounding which is normally expected for this kind of outing. Designs for every maps is quite fun as well, since there's different kind of atmosphere that gamer can experience from each one of them, triggering an exciting combat.

As for the gaming control, just like many other combat based MMO-action, gamer lovers will be combining keyboard function along with mouse clicks. As for keys being used, the normal WASD function is required for mobilization, while other buttons can also be used to execute other related actions. Meanwhile, mouse clicking function is mostly being used for anything related to combat, such as targeting opponents or firing weapons. Those who are already common with this type of gaming control, should find it quite comfortable as for new players they can always practice things slowly, especially during the early stages of this game.

World of Warships game review on screen 4

Other important features that gamer should also pay attention on are completing missions along with choosing commander. The previous should definitely help gamer in getting extra rewards during their gaming adventure, while picking the right ship commander can make their ship much stronger. Naturally, having a top tier vessels might not always work out properly if one doesn't get support from quality crews. Having a skilled leader will give nothing but advantage for the crews in your ship as they can further enhance several important categories for vessels improvement. Those who are slightly confused with some gaming mechanics can also learn all the details of this game via its official website as the developer provides many detailed information. Overall, World of Warships is another combat based MMO which should attract any game enthusiasts who are interested in this type of genre. Although this game doesn't offer much PvE experience, but it still have many exciting features aside from its combat that should attract interest from different type of gamer. Equipped with fine visuals and battle mechanics, this outing is definitely an interesting online gaming option that deserved to be checked out. Having some download requirements might be a slight troublesome for several players, but if they do have the space in their PC, this title is worth keeping around.

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