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Felspire Felspire is a western medieval fantasy themed role-playing browser game. The game provides a wide variety of settings ranging from bustling cities, frozen plateaus.Enter Eremos, home of the mysterious Felspire that acts as portal to the underworld, crossing the worlds of man and monster in a dangerous realm.

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Experiencing Fun and Simple RPG Adventure with Felspire

Fantasy themed Role Playing Games always have a strong appeal from game lovers of that genre, that's probably what triggered 37Games in crafting one of their latest release, titled Felspire. This outing is set to take gamer into that enchanting land full of angelic creatures, heroes, monsters and many other stuff that are common in this type of RPG. The story of this title take place in a land called Emeros which is known for being the home of mysterious portal instrument labeled as 'Felspire', which can take people traveling from human worlds into monsters' realm.

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As always, there's an evil force that are keen on taking control of the 'Felspire', in which forcing game lover in becoming a warrior who must stop their world from collapsing because of monsters' attack. Being a browser based outing, this game won't be required any downloaded items as players only need to make sure that their Internet connection is functioning well. After submitting an account, which can also be done via Facebook, game lovers can immediately set off to start their adventure, but obviously not before selecting available servers.

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Starting out, gamer won't be given much detailed guidance as this outing has an automatic setup that pretty much helped players to complete any of their early mission. However, for those who already knew what they should be doing and are keen on controlling things themselves, they can deactivate that automatism setting, though it's probably better to only doing it for their battles. Having that kind of playing setup will surely help new gamer, who might not be that familiar with MMORPG playing concept, which can be overwhelming at times. However, there's also negatives, mainly during battles as at times players might have their character's killed because of rushing into attacks and late in using potions. Nevertheless, as it was previously explained, game lovers can deactivate that auto format in battle and take things on their hands.

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When choosing to battle in manual fashion, gamer still won't be doing many complicated stuff as they can just use mouse clicks for targeting enemies and activating their available skills. Those combat moves can also be done by clicking certain activation keys. Gamer will be getting several special attacking techniques, depending on the class that they picked as their hero. There are three available classes that can be chosen by game lovers, which are: Mage, Warrior along with Archer, all pretty basic stuff that often discovered when playing any role playing games. Each one of those options, naturally have their own strength and weaknesses, so once again it's advised for gamer to pick the one that suits their playing style, especially when playing it for the first time.

Similar with many other MMORPG, Felspire also offer several exciting in-game features such as pet system, mount, wings, weapon crafting any many other stuff that can help game lover to enjoy exploring their hero more. Those things can be activated after players reaching certain level, which won't be too complicated as players can comfortably increase their stats without having to do many grinding, notably because of that automatic setup. As for the social interaction, this game also provide a fun PvP battles which can give gamer many needed bonuses and not only that there's also collaborated PvE, that allow game lovers the chance to team up with their friends.

Being a browser-based game, this title's visual is pretty good, albeit nothing spectacular but remain pleasant enough for playing. The background setting is pretty colorful and well designed, though it does look rather similar from one another. That same issue also happened with the character's design since there are not many different looks in the game, even for non playing characters, a situation that can be quite confusing for those who opting to play without auto pathing. Another disappointing factor, obviously in the lack of class selection and modification being offered, forcing gamer to basically take what they're being given right from the beginning apart from some small upgrades related with weapon or accessory's changes.

The in-game cash system is also available for those who doesn't mind to pay real money in helping their character's progression. Using real cash will give game lovers additional items or weapons that free-based players might not received while playing. Still, there's no reason to be worried for game lovers who are just keen on playing for free as even with that option they can finish their gaming journey without too much fuss. Being designed more as an auto format, the game control for Felspire is pretty simple as it notably uses mouse clicks along with several keys, that will only be used for those who wants to battle manually.

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Naturally, with its heavy automatism format, this title naturally brought contrast opinion, especially for classic RPG maniac, who are more comfortable in still having certain amount of control to their playing. Moreover, this game's lack of classes along with character creation will also disappoint players who have strong affection over those type of things. Nevertheless,Felspire still offer plenty exciting gaming features, that have a good addicting factor, persuading RPG lovers to sit tight and enjoy their adventure. Overall, being a free-to-play browser based game, this outing can be a pretty good option for those looking for simple RPG that can be played sparingly without having too much thoughts or tactics. This title will also suit any new online RPG enthusiasts who wants to learn more about this kind of game's system, before trying out more complicated outings.

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